resin steel anti slip surfacing

February 21st, 2018

resin steel anti slip surfacing

This week we have received a request to provide anti slip surfacing for a steel surface for a local company.  This is a project we will be looking to complete at the earliest as, as always resurfacing works are required as a matter or urgency.

This week the forecast is a frosty outlook, so it will not be an option to complete the works too soon.

Each year the UK is subject to diverse winter weathers! Snow and rain, frost and sunshine!  These elements can create issues on tarmac and concrete surfaces (you only have to look at the roads and potholes).  With our resin bonded surfacing being quite aggressive to the touch, there is not much out there for the driveway paving and patio surfaces  to rival the superb anti slip qualities Drive-Cote’s resin bonded aggregate can provide.

Red stone resin by Drive-Cote ltd

We have been working with resin now for a number of years see our previous posts on works and enquiries.

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resin steel anti slip surfacing


  steps with resin bonded stonersin driveway Nottingham workShirland resin bonded coveringResin driveway by Drive-Cote Ltd

resin stone option choices information Drive-Cote Ltd

February 17th, 2018

resin stone option

We at Mansfield based Drive-Cote Ltd have been operating for nearly 18 years and during this time we have seen companies come and go.  A resin stone option for your driveway, path or patio can be open to all sorts of variations of suitability from different companies.

We would like to say we can offer a 20 year guarantee but we can’t and don’t profess to. The questions to ask is to what extent is the guarantee offered – have they been trading 20 years? Will they be trading in 20 years?  Does it cover the materials only or the install as well (perhaps these questions should be applied to any sort of extensive guarantee)?  We at Drive-Cote Ltd are a small personable local company offering a resin stone option, we do not sub contract and we do not employ the services of other Companies.  Our suppliers are long standing and reputable supplying to the trade with a durable and commercial product available to us for residential use.  This in itself can provide confidence in longevity and durability for a resin stone option for a driveway path or patio from Drive-Cote Ltd.

resin stone option by Drive-Cote ltd

Resin stone options for driveway paths and patios vary in requirements from the client specification to the suitability of the product for the surface and/ or purpose.

A resin stone option can be split into 2 main sections really

Resin bonded

Resin bound

Wording can be used to describe the different installs.  So on the plus side resin stone options using the bonded application are lot less expensive (or perhaps the word cheap can be used if trying to sway the reader towards the other resin stone option – resin bound stone).

Mansfield resin stone option


So on the plus side for a resin stone option using the bound application Suds compliant can be highlighted.  However Suds compliance does not mean it has to be permeable it means the run off water has to be managed and that can be with an aco drain and once again perhaps selective wording can be used to sway the customer.

Resin stone option choice

should be down to the suitability of the surface and the requirement of the client.

If we were to look at one example of a requirement for a client  i.e. low or virtually no maintenance then resin bonded stone would be a better choice.  Impermeable means a stiff brush and occasional jet wash is all that is required.  No seal required,  no debris and dirt to clear as can be the case with a permeable surface.  If water can get through then so can mud and debris and this will affect the efficacy of the permeability.

Remember concrete, tarmac or imprinted concrete resin bonded stone can resurface without any mess or disruption

We offer free advice with no obligation – so feel free to call Drive-Cote Ltd based in Mansfield covering Shirebrook, Stonebroom, Clowne, Sutton in Ashfield, Kirkby in Ashfield, Belper, Forest Town, Clipstone, Teversal, Rainworth, Stanton Hill, Tibshelf, Morton, Pilsley, Edingley, Southwell, Mansfield Woodhouse.

Nottingham pothole issues

October 19th, 2017

Nottingham pothole issues

Engineers at our own local  University of Nottingham have recently reported that Nottingham pothole issues could be a thing of the past.

“Highways England is carrying out a trial, after sunflower oil capsules added to asphalt were found to make roads ‘self heal’.

It costs more than £88million a year to fill in the potholes in England’s roads, making the cooking oil – at around £1.15 a litre in shops – a relatively cheap solution.

It works by making bitumen, the sticky black substance used in road surfacing, less thick so that it pours more easily into cracks before they form the dangerous trenches.

Potholes form after sunshine causes roads to swell, before night-time temperatures fall and they contract.

The weight of the traffic as this happens causes cracks to form, which become larger when rainwater falls into them, freezes and expands”

Nottingham pothole issues

The sunflower solution for Nottingham pothole issues
The report goes on to say

“Highways England, which funded the research, will add 18.5 litres of sunflower oil to five tonnes of asphalt along a five-yard stretch to ensure that it works.

Researchers say, if successful, it could be rolled out across the road network within five years”.

Our Drive-Cote Ltd resin bonded stone resurfacing extends the life of a tarmac or concrete driveway path or patio.  Our resin bonded stone will offer an impermeable surface and therefore prevents the effects of temperature changes and the resultant pothole effects on your driveway paths and patios.

Nottingham pothole issues will still develop on existing surfaces, however  it certainly instills confidence that we could eventually benefit from  a reduction in costs for the repairing of potholes.

Nottingham pothole issues

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Resin bonded stone for your driveway path or patio





anti skid resin bonded aggregate works Ollerton

September 30th, 2017

anti skid resin bonded aggregate works Ollerton

We have recently completed some anti skid resin bonded aggregate works Ollerton area for a residential client.

Wanting to improve the kerb appeal this family want to have a durable and attractive finish to their existing tarmac surface.

anti skid resin bonded aggregate works Ollerton anti skid resin bonded aggregate works Ollerton by Drive-Cote Ltd P1010924 anti skid resin bonded aggregate works Drive-Cote Lts






Chesterfield Resin Bonded stone feedback

I am delighted with my new drive & patio it looks really terrific.

Would also like to compliment the 3 lads that did the work very cheerful & polite & really helpful.  They worked in an exceptionally tidy neat manner.

The recommendation of your company from a neighbour has been truly justified & I shall also recommend Drive-Cote to other neighbours & friends.




Hi Simon & Faith

 Once again my thanks for dealing  so promptly with my neighbours “issue”.  From my perspective this enhanced my already high regard for your company both in the speed of P1010942your replies and reassurance you would deal direct with them should there be any further “issues”.

Two other neighbours have passed very complimentary comments about how attractive the drive is now.

 anti skid resin bonded aggregate works Ollerton This is just a shot in the dark I was wondering if you have any recommendations of companies dealing in supplying & laying artificial grass?



Ollerton Resin bonded stone

September 2017

Faith & Simon


Just to say how pleased we are with the result of your product.

The lads doing the work were extremely competent and professional.

The workmanship was excellent. They were very helpful to me and left no rubbish whatsoever.

I will certainly be singing your praise at all levels to anyone that asks about the drive.

There has been a lot of neck craning already as people drive pass.

Thank you once again

Frank and Sam

So if you want driveway like  this anti skid resin bonded aggregate works Ollerton call now for a free no obligation quote.

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resin bonded? resin bound? Mansfield Ashfield Bolsover

September 22nd, 2017

resin bonded? resin bound? What is the difference, what is  the general opinion?

Who’s right and who’s wrong?Is one better than the other?

Plenty of feedback on this forum and reading the comments  – even we are confused with which one is  which? Do they mean resin bound or resin bonded?  Easy to work out the difference –  resin bound means it is bound together (resin and stone) in a mixer and resin bonded means the stone bonds to the surface and the special aggregate bonds to the resin.

resin bonded? resin bound?

We at Drive-Cote primarily work with resin bonded.  The idea being this resurfaces the existing  concrete or tarmac tired or damaged driveway path or patio.  Resin bonded stone is an impermeable surface for an impermeable surface.  We at Drive-Cote Ltd have great difficulty in justifying a porous or permeable surface (resin bound) being installed on an impermeable surface (tarmac or concrete).  Where does the water drain to?

I think the overriding thing to remember is don’t rush.

Take your time

Ask questions



Mansfield based offering a free no obligation service in the local area. Mansfield Ashfield and Bolsover.  Call Simon or Faith and ask to view a drive local to you. 01623 623986

nice neat complete resin stone works

August 29th, 2017

nice neat complete resin stone works

We have just completed this nice neat complete resin stone works for a local address in Nottinghamshire.



resin bonded stone Mansfield

July 31st, 2017

resin bonded stone install Mansfield

A resin bonded stone install Mansfield is fast becoming a popular option.

We have been installing for over 17 years now and have certainly had one of our busiest years yet!

We still have plenty of questions to answer about a  resin bonded stone install  – 2 of the most popular being


resin bonded stone install P1010732 resin driveway by Drive-Cote Ltd P1010737

What is the spec of the surface that resin can be installed on?

resin bonded resurfacing by Drive-Cote ltd


What warranty do you offer?

Want to know more then give us a call


So if you live in Stonebroom, Morton, Shirebrook, Oxton, Southwell, Kirkby in Ashfield, Chesterfield, Hasland, Arnold or any other area local to Mansfield where we are based call Drive-Cote Ltd  and get honest answers to your driveway path or patio problems from an informative resin driveway company.

Remember block paving, concrete, imprinted concrete, slabs and tarmac no all surfaces should be resurfaced.  Resin is not the answer to all surfaces.  However resin bonded stone can offer an anti slip, durable and virtually weed free and maintenance free  resurfacing alternative to having the existing surface removed.  Free quotations.

does resin bonded stone go green

June 28th, 2017

does resin bonded stone go green ?

Like any outdoor surface resin bonded stone  may benefit from a yearly powerwash as it is surprising how much dirt and grime there is in the atmosphere and rainfall. As for the green algae it does not adhere to the resin bonded installs to any great degree. It may appear on the surface but a stiff brush and a powerwash as previously said will generally remove this without too much effort.  So put in a simple term and to answer the question resin bonded stone go green the answer should be yes it can go green.  But it is not a problem and with the resin bonded stone being an antislip product it has minimal effect.

The RHS advice website states

Non-chemical control

Dislodge moss from between paving (non present on resin bonded paving)  by running a sharp knife along the cracks. Alternatively, use a block paving brush with a long handle, narrow head and wire bristles for effective cleaning without stooping

    A pressure washer will remove moss and algae effectively.  However, use this method with care in areas where drainage is unsatisfactory as the extra water could exacerbate damp problems. Always wear goggles when using a pressure washer. This is the best method for removal of moss and algae from wooden garden features. After spraying, consider treating fences and sheds with wood preservatives and garden furniture with teak oil

    Brush hard surfaces with a stiff broom on a regular basis to help prevent growths from taking hold. Raking loose surfaces such as gravel helps to keep these areas free of both moss and weeds

    Prune overhanging plants to improve air flow – this will allow the drying effects of sun and wind to reach the site

    Ensure surfaces slope slightly to prevent standing water

    Improving drainage in the surrounding area will also help to deter growths. Dig out shallow channels along the edges of paths, patios and drives and fill with coarse gravel to absorb run off water.   

P1010244  Please note not all drives come with a free gnome!

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Mansfield driveway resin refurbishment completed by Drive-Cote Ltd

June 19th, 2017

Mansfield driveway resin refurbishment completed by Drive-Cote Ltd

For a fresh new and extended driveway resin bonded stone can provide  uniformity and a durable quality to an otherwise limiting access.  This Mansfield client wanted to extend and incorporate more hard standing area so we completed this Mansfield driveway resin refurbishment.  We could say completed in a day but that would be untrue as we had to extend the area first.

Mansfield Resin bonded stone Mansfield driveway resin refurbishment P1010690 Drive-Cote Ltd Resin bonded installation in Mansfield






Works needed first to enable a uniform coverage included groundworks and preparation works to facilitate the concrete install prior to the resin install (which was completed in a day)

P1010372 P1010375 P1010379 P1010380 P1010679





     The end product being a protective durable and anti slip surface.  Virtually maintenance free!


Resin driveway by Drive-Cote Ltd


Mansfield driveway resin resurfacing Mansfield


Drive-Cote Ltd resin bonded stone path


Resin paving completed in a day


porous permeable resin bonded stone Mansfield Notts

May 30th, 2017

porous permeable resin bonded stone

porous permeable resin bonded stone  -is it permeable?  Or is it porous – whats the difference?

Porosity tells us how much water rock or soil can retain. Permeability is a measure of how easily water can travel through porous soil or bedrock. Soil and loose sediments, such as sand and gravel, are porous and permeable. They can hold a lot of water, and it flows easily through them. Although clay and shale are porous and can hold a lot of water, the pores in these fine-grained materials are so small that water flows very slowly through them. Clay has a low permeability.

Resin bonded stone is not porous or permeable, resin bound paving, aggregate and stone are all said to be permeable.  The question is how permeable is a porous surface.

steps with resin bonded stone P1010531 P1010532 Drive-Cote Ltd resin bonded stone porous permeable resin bonded stone

We have been working with resin for over 15 years now and we are constantly amazed at the reports out there that the free draining of a surface can solve all your drainage problems.

Porous permeable resin bonded stone is not an option because it is an impermeable and protective surface. The purpose of a resin bonded surface is different than a resin bound application.  In addition to this it is a completely different installation process.

Confused? then call us for a free no obligation chat.

Choice of colours and finishes

P1010504 resin company Mansfield Natural finish with resin bonded stone by Drive-Cote Ltd P1010508 Grand entrance for resin bonded stone works Mansfield

Chesterfield, Mansfield, Shireboork, Heanor, Ilkeston, Eckington.  Driveway path or patio we can resurface in a day.

Weed free and maintenance free can be completed in a day using existing surfaces. Anti slip impermeable resurfacing providing an attractive and durable surface.  No mess no disruption and more importantly no skips or waste removal.  How come?

Call now for a free no obligation quote. 01623 623986  and speak with Simon or Faith. No salesmen just honest answers.