Resin Bonded Aggregate – How much does it cost?

July 28th, 2012

Resin Bonded Aggregate – how much does it cost?

Resin Bonded Aggregate also known as Resin Bonded Stone.

How much will  Resin Bonded Aggregate  cost –  obviously an important consideration.  But answering this a difficult one.  Each individual surface and the reason or requirement  for using the Resin Bonded Aggregate  is individual.  Cost needs to be  assessed and priced on an individual basis.

Relevant considerations will be

    • Is it a path, driveway or patio you would like resurfacing
    • Is it concrete  –   Is it  tarmac?   –   Is it  imprinted concrete ?  –   Is it paving slabs?
    • What condition is it in?    –  Is it structurally sound?   –  How long has it been down?
    • Is there nothing down?
    • Is it damaged? – Is there any tree root damage to the surface? – Is there any spalling?
    • What do you want the Resin Bonded Aggregate to do  – Provide an anti-slip surface?
    • Protect, enhance and prolong the life of your existing surface?
    • Are there any manholes?   Do you have gates and does the surface butt up to a garage door?
    • Is the Resin Bonded Aggregate for foot traffic or for vehicles?  –  Or both?
    • Are there any drainage issues   (permeability may  need to be a consideration here) .

All of these points and more need to be considered before  pricing.

There should be  a slope (on most driveway surfaces) away from  properties –   by this we don’t mean a ski slope more a gradient  (something not particularly perceptible to the eye) and if drainage is an issue then this needs to be addressed.

Hover over the image and see the imprinted surface we covered

Imprinted Concrete has been a problem on some drives over the past few years. This has been due to the severe winters and the slippy aspect  presented by the seal on imprinted concrete.  This is where our  alternative of Resin Bonded Aggregate can eliminate this without having to have the existing removed.

The Resin Bonded Aggregate finish will give you a brand new look with no mess and disruption.  On a recent job we were completing  the customer made a comment –“I have been monitoring a block paved drive being completed down the road.  It has taken them 3 weeks to complete!    My final finish was finished in a day!   Admittedly it was a fairly large drive and the weather has not been  been very kind.  They could not get their vehicles on their drive during the period of work.   Skips and men all over  the place!   The Resin Bonded Aggregate works to my drive caused no disruption!”



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