Resin Drive – and How Not To Do It

July 8th, 2012

Resin Drive

Resin Drive and How Not To Do It

Below is an extract of the result of a meet we had with a potential client.  He was  asking  for help with his resin drive.  We will say here and now  that we do not know who the installer was!

“Further to our visits our findings are – the resin works to your driveway are the worst  that we have  seen!  It is apparent that the installer who completed your resin drive had no idea about what the process required.  The additional base works that he has provided also lacks any consideration for drainage and indeed appearance. It is our opinion that this resin drive surfacing  requires complete removal.  We also need to remove about 50% of the new concrete.  The  eco drain  also requires attention.  These aspects will resolve the drainage and appearance issues.

(We would suggest that the balance of the base works should be removed.  This would ensure that corners were not cut on the sub base)

Once we are back to raw ground we would propose to relay the base and apply the  resin drive resurfacing  in the correct manner

Cost for this – in excess of £5000.00. The time involved to complete would be about  1 week.  This assumes the weather is kind so we can remove  the concrete and relaying it.  The  drainage would be addressed at the same time. We would then remove all waste from your property.   A curing time of at least  6 weeks is required to allow alkalines to leach out.  The resin works can then be completed.  The time span for this being approximately 2 days”

Now we are not saying the these things do not happen.  Any product with such temperamental properties and subject to  environmental considerations such as the weather and humidity,  can be problematic.   Careful planning, product knowledge and  experienced application can be contributory factors to ensuring a successful resin drive. is an excellent source of information.


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