Driveway Surfaces – Options and Alternatives

August 11th, 2012

Driveway Surfaces –  Options and Alternatives 

Driveway options and alternatives such as block paving, imprinted concrete,tarmac, gravel, slabs,  slate, setts, artificial grass, cellular paving, Resin Bonded Aggregate and  Resin Bound Aggregate.

Over the past few years the options have increased  but  is  due consideration being given  to our environment?

According to a recent report  by the Rac –  see report at the Landscape Juice  –    the rise in the number of vehicles and the shortage of parking spaces means millions of front gardens have been paved over to make room for cars.  Perhaps this is a major contributory factor in flooding in certain areas?

Here at Drive -Cote  Ltd we aim to work with an existing monolithic driveway surface where possible – surfaces  such as concrete, tarmac and imprinted concrete.  These driveway surfaces if laid correctly in the first place  should stand the test of time.  Over a period of time erosion of the top layer may  occur, however if the basic solid construction is there,  then why not recycle its use?   Make it low  maintenance.  This is where Resin Bonded Stone can come into effect.

Why do we work with Resin Bonded applications ?

Because if it’s not broke don’t fix it!  The soaring cost  of removal of waste and  the disposal of concrete.   Landfill issues  and the relevant legislation have all contributed  to our increase in business over the past few years.  Resin Bonded resurfacing as a driveway surface option  does not  have these implications.

Points to consider when looking at driveway surface options should include

What is the fall like – is there a camber – will that effect your existing water run off?

Should you be considering permeable options –  what about a bog garden?

Or water storage facility?    If not will you be contributing to flooding?

Do you need to be suds compliant – what does that mean exactly?

Is planning permission required?

Is there an issue with moss and weeds –do you need to ensure it is anti slip?

Do you want a maintenance free project?

Perhaps your home and garden should be a long term project not a “quick fix”.  Split  it into sections so it can be completed stage by stage.  Why not consider part diy?  Professional help will probably be necessary at some stage, but  it can be a part of your project.

As with all home and garden projects  it is important to plan and assess prior to any decisions.   Do you really need additional  hardstanding area?

Please feel  free to contact us with any questions you may have.     We don’t charge to talk to !

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