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August 14th, 2012

Driveways – Local Mansfield Driveway Company!

We now  have  a new website –  updated and all ready to go.  Please read here about our  driveways, paths and patios

What factors for working with driveways?

Weather for a start!  However that’s not been very kind to us this year!  But then nothing is perfect in this life!

We managed to do quite a a few jobs  last week (in between watching the Olympics) , and hopefully this week will allow for the same.

Concrete has taken a bit of a hammering over the past few years but it is still a good solid base for driveways – solid, long lasting, durable –  but not very pretty.  This is where our Resin Bonded resurfacing for driveways can comes into it’s own. Due to changes in legislation  a few years ago for new areas planning permission may be required, but this does not affect our resurfacing options.

Below are a few images (hover over and you can see before).


We were based in Mansfield and Nottingham  last week, so if you want to see some works local to you then ring or email.

Perhaps you have a question you would like us to answer?  Cost,  preparation,  maintenance?    We have also completed some artifical turf works (another maintenance free product)  Feel free to contact us.


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