Resin Bonded Aggregate Driveway

September 15th, 2012

Resin Bonded Aggregate Driveway

We at Drive-Cote Ltd have been working on a few Resin Bonded Aggregate Driveway  projects over the last few weeks.

A couple of these works have been in the  Jacksdale and Newthorpe areas and we have given a little information on them and a few pictures.

I always try and get Mike and the lads to take some “before and after”  so you can see what a difference the Resin Bonded Aggregate Driveway resurfacing can make.


This first Resin Bonded Aggregate Driveway project at Jacksdale  they forgot to take the  before  photos, but,  as they constantly remind me –  the priority is to get the job done and correctly, and our portfolio is secondary.  I can’t argue with that so I let them off!

Jacksdale Resin Bonded Aggregate Driveway

This particular job was with really old tarmac which had deteriorated and which virtually had no edge to it in places.  Our builders edged out where necessary, reinstating and re bedding as necessary-   the last picture on the top row shows this.  We  then resurfaced the whole area  in a Natural Buff  Resin Bonded Aggregate finish, extending the life of the existing surface of the driveway and protecting it further.

Newthorpe  Resin Bonded Aggregate Driveway job incorporating a patio and path.

This  imprinted concrete driveway, path and patio  at Newthorpe  was particularly difficult in Winter – the slipperiness of the surface was the problem.  Not only that maintenance was a must not only to try and impede the slipperiness but to maintain the imprinted concrete. The infill of slate you can see in the pictures was a suggestion by Drive-Cote Ltd  as there was this  small gap which  was also a bit of a hazard.   The freeze and thaw process can be particularly damaging to imprinted concrete if a seal is not applied.  Our customer with their new Resin Bonded Aggregate driveway and path no longer have this problem or requirement.  As with all Resin Bonded Aggregate driveways paths and patios a quick wash and stiff brush is all that is required.


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