Resin Bonded Aggregate Driveways Mansfield

September 22nd, 2012

Resin Bonded Aggregate Driveways Mansfield

have become more poular over the last few years.  This may be as a result of more knowledge about Resin and its properties or it may just be the fact that we have been working with Resin Bonded Aggregate Driveways Mansfield for over 10 years.

We have recently completed a  couple of local Mansfield jobs  one on tarmac and one on concrete (the details of which are below)

One  Resin Bonded Aggregate Driveways Mansfield was recently completed for tired and old concrete.  Our customer found us through  local advertising  ( we do not cold call ).   We as a local company understand appreciate this –  particularly with a recent report in the Mansfield Chad  (about a couple being the victim of con-men).

Our client took up one of our short notice availability slots.  At Drive-Cote Ltd we try and work within our clients requirements where possible.  For example –  if they are going away and want works completing then.  Similarly  if they don’t want works completing then!

This Mansfield clients concrete drive had been down a long time and the weather had taken it’s toll. In addition section of concrete had been added to extend the drive.

Resin Bonded Aggregate Driveways Mansfield – before and after

Mike and the lads set to and filled where necessary (our filler is a special epoxy material is flexible which means it moves with the expansion of the surface).  When they have completed the Resin Bonded Aggregate driveway works on this concrete drive there are no more sections showing, no more cracks.  A uniform,  anti slip,  protective and durable surface.  Brand New with out having to remove the existing.  No mess!  No disruption!

Our clients are now free to upgrade the gravel section to compliment their new Resin Bonded Aggregate Driveway.

Our clients very kindly submitted a letter of appreciation in respect of their concrete resurfacing works.  It is always nice to receive such acknowledgements.  We hope it provides a testimony not only to the service that we provided, but to our local workforce as well.



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