Mansfield Quarry Face – Landslide

October 29th, 2012

Mansfield Quarry Face  -Landslide

Mansfield  people are not very often subject to landslides!   Seeing the report in the  Mansfield Chad came as a bit of a shock.

The report states that 7 tonnes of rock fell just yards from a row of homes!

Mansfield District Council has employed a ground engineering firm Halcrow -to survey the area.

Evidently when the Mansfield properties  were built the builders made sure there was a buffer zone in place.

Martin Thurman of Mansfield District Council  has requested a detailed study which hopefully will allay any fears.   Depending on the result,  they can then take any necessary course of action.

What does concern us is not just for Mansfield area,  but the Country as a whole.

The construction of these  quarry properties –  as  with any “changes” in the land –   surely will have an impact on surrounding areas?

As a driveway company we are respectful of the requirements with hard landscaping areas being laid (which is one of the reasons  we work with Resin Bonded Stone – it uses the existing surface)

However you would think that the “installation” of  hundreds of properties (and there are in the area where this Mansfield landslide happened) that this would have a more detrimental impact than driveway installations.

Mansfield quarry face landslide

That asside Martin Thurman of Mansfield District Council has said “We’ve received a mixed reaction from residents because there are whose who live at the Cliff top and those who live at the bottom”.

Mansfield seems to be becoming a vastly dense area with housing dominating large previously  untouched land.


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