Resin Bonded Aggregate and the Difficulty with the Weather!

October 23rd, 2012

Resin Bonded Aggregate and the effects of the weather.

Resin Bonded Aggregate is designed to combat the boring look of concrete, imprinted concrete and tarmac and to protect against any or  further deterioration of a surface from the weather.

However  until the installation is in place the weather still likes to create an impact!  Usually on our ability to install!

Our supplier is constantly trying to come up with a  “wet weather” installation process. The surface we install on has to be dry and the weather has to be kind (only for a few hours though)  for the resin to adhere.  Unfortunately our supplier has not achieved this.  YET !!

A couple of the jobs we have completed recently have been successful due to our  12 years experience and our ability to assess and monitor the weather and work with it.  This enables us to install a Resin Bonded Aggregate surface competently.

This fairly large job sectional concrete driveway, path and patio and garage floor had all been down a few years.  Our clients were keen to have a low maintenance non slip option and Resin Bonded Aggregate suits this dictate perfectly (anti skid surfacing road specification, stiff brush and jet wash is all that is necessary).  Difficulties with mobility being quite problem for them  SO …………………

Our Resin Bonded Aggregate solved the problem.  The basic structure of the surface unchanged

  • Single uniform surface
  • No Skips
  • No Waste Disposal
  • Anti slip
  • Low (virtually non) maintenance
  • Resistant to ice and snow.

We were able to fully resurface the whole area in 1 day! No disruption to our clients!

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