Resin Bonded Paving Mansfield and Chesterfield

November 11th, 2012

Resin Bonded Paving Mansfield and Chesterfield

Resin Bonded Paving  Mansfield and Chesterfield jobs we have recently completed  ready for the winter.  The Chesterfield job was a tarmac base whilst the Mansfield one was concrete.

As the Resin Bonded Paving is anti slip it is a perfect solution not only for driveways but for paths and patios as well.

We very often find that paths tend to be quite sheltered by properties and whilst  an advantage as far as protecting the surface, it also tends to block the light and tends to make them vulnerable to algae and moss.  As we know moss and algae can be very slippy.

This is where the Resin Bonded Paving can help.  Our special aggregate sits slightly proud of the resin  and this is what gives it the anti slip qualities.

The Resin Bonded Paving Mansfield job incorporated a path

Whereas the resin bonded paving Chesterfield job was a simple but effective garage access and  really looks a nice neat job.

In the past we have had mention with regard to a piece in a national newspaper with regard to kerb appeal, and we think these jobs both give that.

Virtually no maintenance for these clients.  We say virtually no maintenance  – as with all outside surfaces they need a little help (especially with the extreme conditions we as a country have experienced over the last few years) .  But really a stiff brush and a quick hose down/jet wash is all that is required to keep it tip top.  This also means that if there is any damage incurred for whatever reason, it can be remedied quickly.

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