Resurfacing Existing Concrete, Tarmac and Imprinted Concrete

November 1st, 2012

Resurfacing Existing Concrete, Tarmac and Imprinted Concrete Surfaces

We have been working with Resin for the past 12 years and continue to promote the benefits.

  • Single uniform surface
  • No Skips
  • No Waste Disposal
  • Anti slip
  • Uses existing surface
  • Low (virtually non) maintenance
  • Resistant to ice and snow.

A couple of recent jobs we have completed in Bolsover and Hucknall have proved their worth.  Both these jobs required minimum levels of interruption. One of the jobs –  the resident was disabled so access was even more critical.  The other job had steps and involved quite a few levels so even though quite demanding for our lads, it means that the anti slip properties of the Resin will serve this customers well over winter time.

Resurfacing Existing Concrete, Tarmac and Imprinted Concrete Surfaces


We were asked to install a step and as we try and aim to keep costs and disruption to a minimum for our customers. we were able to install a speedy but sturdy step for them – ensuring easier access.

We have recently also been asked to call out at a job (completed by another company)  as it appears it is not up to the job, but obviously we cannot comment really on it and things do go wrong, but it is the putting right that we consider to be one of the key elements.

A recent customer of ours very kindly sent us a letter of appreciation and would like to share this nugget as it really was a very nice letter and all credit due to our workforce.  So I this will be online in the next few days.

In our trade the weather and its variables can cause us quite a headache, but the beauty of resurfacing existing concrete, tarmac and imprinted concrete is the fact that we only require small windows of access.  That said we do still have to be careful.

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