Anti slip path for slippy imprinted concrete driveway

January 9th, 2013

Anti slip path for slippy imprinted concrete driveway

We have recently been contacted by a concerned relative whose father in law has a very nice but very slippy imprinted concrete drive and wanted to have an anti slip path installed.

This drive has been laid about 7 years and it sounds as though it is in  excellent condition – lovingly sealed and cleaned each year to extend and protect it.  Quite the right thing to do.  BUT  due to the slope on this access this is causing a great deal of difficulty for the owner and indeed his visitors.  Sealing protects but can also lead to reinforcing the slipperiness.   An anti slip path would alleviate the problem without having to have this otherwise perfect imprinted concrete driveway covered up.

We also get requests to  “put the colour back into the imprinted concrete “.  If the surface is looking dull, dirty and drab then it probably is in need of a good clean and re-coating with an appropriate acrylic lacquer.  Very often the colour has not actually  faded it is either  dirty, has had a poorly applied sealer, or just  requires the application of a fresh coat of sealant.  This could be compared to a coat of varnish – which automatically creates a vision of a slippy surface.

It should not really be too expensive and can rejuvenate and protect the surface of imprinted concrete (with the right product)  to a brand new look.

An important consideration though –  DIY sealing can be a mistake.  There is a plethora of  sealants available at D.I.Y. stores but compatibility with the surface it is being applied to i.e. a different sealer to the existing sealer already used on the surface of the concrete.  This can result inthe sealant not standing the test of time or it can react and cause a milky effect which you don’t really want..

Our Resin is not suitable for this purpose as it is designed to have our aggregates applied to it, but this is where it would be suitable to provide an anti slip path.

This particular customer wanted a solution to a problem and was wanting to consider cost the as well.  An anti slip path would certainly be a feasible option

We have totally resurfaced imprinted concrete driveways in the past- but it is not always necessary as sometime a small area –  is all that is required.

We provided a “guestimate” which the customer is currently considering.  We will update our post should this be completed.

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