Resurfacing with Resin Bonded Gravel

January 3rd, 2013

DSCN9340Resurfacing with Resin Bonded Gravel – will it suit my motorhome?

Resurfacing with Resin Bonded Gravel – whilst researching as I do on the internet  I found a thread with the end result being –

We’re not going to go ahead with the resin coating due to our own reservations and the comments above, and having been able to see one ‘in the flesh’ it seems a lot of money for what it is.  If we do anything ‘coating’ wise it will probably be a ‘quality’ tarmac job, which can at least be easily repaired in the future if the need arises – we’ve had tarmac drives before and they are quite durable – with us having a solid concrete base there’ll be no risk of it sinking which I know is a common problem with them when just put onto a rubble etc base (been there, done that ….).  However, as we’re also probably going to do other bits and pieces to our place seeing as we’ve decided to stay put now, we’ll probably wait until we’ve done them and then look again at getting something done to the drive as we wouldn’t want it to get damaged/spoilt by doing it first.

I decided to give them a bit of info  on Resin Bonded Gravel as follows

Hi  have been doing my research on the Internet as I do for our company and came across this thread.  At the cost of sounding as though I am trying to sell, I wanted to just really give a bit of an insight into Resin and the misconceptions.
We have been working with Resin for over 10 years and mainly work with Resin Bonded as one of the key aspects is that it uses existing bases and is designed to save on mess, disruption and the unnecessary removal of a perfectly good base.
On reading through the comments it appears that  Resin Bonded and Resin Bound are not differentiated between.  They are both different have different qualities and purposes.  Please feel free to look at our website where there is more info.  If anyone has any questions then we are always available for a chat.
As a small business we pride ourselves on quality, service and workmanship and seek to educate (obviously a sale is always a benefit) in the benefits of Resin Bonded Resurfacing.  The actual  Resin Bonded finish for driveways was spawned from road use, so as far as caravans and motor homes go it is a really good option.  (It looks good as well).   A number of our clients are caravan and motorhome enthusiasts hence me finding this post. In this current environmental climate,  drainage can be a major consideration, but this can be dealt with without having to have existing surfaces removed.SUDS compliant and permeable paving are all major factors nowadays as is waste disposal so if it’s not broke  don’t fix it! I realise your posts are at least 6 months old but please feel free to ask away.

Resin Bonded Gravel (not to be confused with Resin Bound Gravel) is an extremely tough product and is the perfect answer to existing surfaces such as concrete, tarmac, asphalt or imprinted concrete which  are structurally sound.  Damp proof courses are an irrelevance as the surface “addition” does not affect this.


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