Gardens Driveways Paths and Patios

February 25th, 2013

Gardens Driveways Paths and Patios

Hard and Soft  Landscaping,  Garden Design,  Patios, Paths,  Driveways,  Decking, Turf, Artificial Grass,  Walling and  Rockeries can all give your home and property Kerb appeal.

Gardens Driveways Paths and Patios are all  important aspects to your home and garden and in this current financial  climate why move  – why not improve what you have.

Your wall or your gates  – driveway or path  – can be  the first thing people see.  Nowadays the options and choices available are vast. Block paving, slabs, gravel, crazy paving, concrete,  tarmac and  imprinted concrete are not the only options.  Resin Bonded Stone or Resin Bound Paving are just two fairly recent alternatives.  The benefit of these is that  they can mean you can use existing surfaces such as concrete and tarmac and resurface what you already have!

Lighting,  planting, edgings,  drains  (manhole covers can be a decorative contribution) walling  – they can all have a purpose and  do not have to be industrial looking (or can be if you want them to be).

A good solid installation can only  add value to your property.

stone walling tree for your garden drivewaypath and patio

Designed and built  by Eric Landman  this  dry stone wall is in a conservation area in Orangeville, Ontario. It is a memorial to his late wife Kerry Landman

The cost of moving – stamp duty and land tax, solicitors and surveyors and removal.  And then the fact that the sale doesn’t always go to plan.

Why not put that money in to your property?   Have new attractive fencing or  a water feature or drainage improvements. Anti slip surfacing may be a constideration.

Low maintenance or reduced maintenance can be a massive help. Eliminate the weeds!  Remember your garden project does not have to be completed at once.  Try a mix of DIY and professionals.  For example you may have to use professionals for example for  any tree management.   Consider the environment  and try and source natural pesticides. There are plenty of useful and informative gardening and information sites on the Internet.–landscape-company-lands-top-honours see the potential here.  Obviously Canada’s climate is different to ours but it shows the potential.  Options are limited only by imagination.  Recycled products can blend well into  natural aspects.

Gates  – protect your property with electric gates or just create an impressive entrance.


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