Have you been in your Garden yet?

February 18th, 2013

Have you been in your Garden yet?

Time to cut  the lawns yet?

Being out and about in Mansfield and Nottingham over the weekend  I have seen a few brave souls  (or is it  fool hardy?)   out and about in their garden.  Some even mowing their lawns.

Debby’s Gardenlinks is a very useful resource

Is a bit early as yet?  Surely the ground is too wet yet?  Is not a rule of thumb that  mowers come out March  time so perhaps a bit premature?

Scarifying and aerating too early can it cause damage?

With the weather being so variable now throughout the year perhaps the  “rules of thumb” are a little harder to follow?

Another consideration is gardens  that are sheltered such as  walled gardens, south facing gardens  and gardens that have good drainage –  then that is a difference scenario.  These can enable selective mowing.  Have a look at Mowing for dummies a little mine of information on here.

Perhaps chose an alternative and not have this dilemma   – have your lawn (or some)  of it hard landscaped reducing maintenance  and/or have a mix of artificial grass  – no mowing involved just a quick brush!   A job we completed  a while ago in Nottingham was a mix of artificial grass and hard landscaping .  This was completed as our client needed to have a lower maintenance project.

I have been following the works of Unreal Gardens  http://www.unrealgardens.co.uk  who are really on the ball with the artificial grass.  Plenty of ideas for  your garden on here. What about framing your driveway?

I think we all need to remember choice is good.  Variation is good  but we also  need to maintain what we have! Lets not get rid of lawns altogether!    But it doesn’t need to be a trauma or back breaking!