Resin Bonded Resurfacing for Mansfield Driveway

February 26th, 2013

Resin Bonded Resurfacing for Mansfield Driveway

Work started Friday 22 February 2013 and continued today Monday 25 February 2013

Existing crazy paved area has been excavated to reveal a bed of sand beneath some of the area and  an old concrete path under the remaining  section.   The existing concrete path can remain in situ  and it will be re concreted  over to level out with the adjacent area.

Hardcore has been  installed  to a depth of 150mm after excavating some of the sand base ( the remaining will be completed tomorrow weather permitting) and  this will be compacted prior to concreting.

It was suggested  to our  client to line up the area to left of property (currently there is a curved edge to to the garden area).   However our client wishes to retain this detail as this  facilitates the opening of the car door and access for his disabled wife.  The anti slip benefits of Resin Bonded gravel will benefit this client as well due to the  slope of  the driveway.

There is an existing channel section which currently has rose bushes bedded in and once again is a requirement by our client  to remain in place.  (This detail could be updated with a block paving  edge for example if required)

An eco drain will be installed across the width of the driveway.  This will be connected to an existing run off rainwater system and will continue to comply with SUDS requirements.

We will rebed  the existing frame and  reuse the existing manhole cover.  This is of the old cast iron type and is by far a more heavy duty and durable item than the modern day type.

Our client requires that the existing light feature remains in place.

We will continue to prep the area tomorrow and hopefully will be able to install concrete later on this week.

One of the benefits of Resin Bonded Resurfacing is the fact that it uses existing surfaces and it can be completed in a day.  However not all works are straight forward and additions or alterations to existing surfaces may be required.

This can be part of our works as is the case for this client.

Even though works on these occasions can be more lengthy we aim to complete with the minimum of mess and disruption.

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