Resin Bound Paving Options

February 5th, 2013

Resin Bound Paving Options

Resin Bound Paving options are quite wide ranging but they do  differ from Resin Bonded Paving options.

For example

  • Porosity – important  but not a must Resin Bonded Paving is not permeable Resin Bound Paving is (weeds can be an issue)
  • Depth – Resin Bound Paving  is thicker than Resin Bonded Paving
  • Anti slip properties – more effective  with Resin Bonded Paving than Resin Bound Paving
  • Cost – Resin Bonded Paving a more cost effective option than Resin Bound Paving
  • Purpose – Resin Bound Paving for foot traffic andtree pits,  Resin Bonded Paving for vehicles and existing concrete or tarmac

Today we have had a couple of enquiries ( Nottingham and Eastwood Nottinghamshire areas) both enquiring about Resin Bound Paving.

The first enquiry had hardcore down and wanted a cost effective price for Resin Bound Paving for his driveway.

We at Drive-Cote Ltd prefer not to work with Resin Bound Paving for a driveway.  Cost is always a consideration and if having Resin Bound Paving installed for a driveway then a good substantial substrate needs to be installed. This means in actual fact a double cost can be incurred.

Obviously drainage and suds compliance also has to be a consideration.  But this is common sense anyway.  However, a lot of our clients are under the misapprehension that if they have anything larger than 5sqm hard landscape installed they must apply for planning permission. Not so. The main thing to consider is where your surface water will go.

We at Drive-Cote Ltd aim to work with existing surfaces where we can but nothing is always as simple as that.

Because we have experience with landscaping and garden design we can offer a free no obligation advice – to suit our clients and their pocket.



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