Tarmac Driveway Path and patio

February 2nd, 2013

Tarmac  Driveway Path or Patio  

As specialist installers of Resin Bonded resurfacing and  Resin Bound surfacing  our work can involve the installation and repair of tarmac surfaces including driveways paths and patios.

We can serve within a 60 mile radius  of our base in the East Midlands and extend  to areas such as Lincoln, Leicester, Birmingham, Derby, Sheffield, Mansfield, Nottingham and Chesterfield  for example.

We would first and foremost say  Resin Bonded resurfacing, Resin Bound surfacing or Tarmac are not a good idea  as  DIY projects!   You may be forgiven for trying a path, but a driveway –  if it goes wrong –  it goes really  wrong and  it is a large area to rectify (and expensive)  if it has to be laid twice!

Resin Bonded resurfacing and Resin Bound surfacing  works involve specialist knowledge as there are quite a lot of constraints and contributory factors when working with and using  Resin (temperature and humidity for example)

Tarmac should involve machinery and if it doesn’t the question is why?


Tarmac if laid correctly is quite weather hardy  and can be  coloured – which involves a binder.  There are varying  types of tarmac  however  and you should be aware that  petrol, diesel, engine oil, solvents and paint thinners can damage the tarmac.

Tarmac needs a  good solid foundation. Excavation of the area should be between 16 to 18 centimetres. A sub-base of hardcore is required to be  laid and compacted.  Edgings of choice can be laid at this stage to sure the edges. A base layer should be installed this being a large grade of aggregate.  It should be raked out and compressed.  This is followed by a wearing course which has smaller aggregate (stone) and you are ready!  Just a short period of time for it to cure.  Just remember whether you are having an area laid or working within en existing you need to consider the purpose of the area.  Try and consider the existing garden area (if you have one!) do you need to increase or do you want to increase the hard landscaping area? Is it for vehicles or foot traffic only? Do you have an issue with moss or weeds?(Ant slip surfacing may need to be a consideraton).  What about drainage  we all need to consider this and  what about being suds compliantDrainage  covers do not have to be an issue.  Nor do they  need to be ugly.  See an example  here of works we have completed

These are only the simplistic of details really and are not the only option available.   www.pavingexpert.com is a really useful site and provides a lot of information not only for suppliers and installers but for home owners alike. It can also give rise to some ideas.


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