Grantham Resin Bonded Gravel for tarmac and block paved edge driveway

March 4th, 2013

Grantham Resin Bonded Gravel  for tarmac and block paved edge drivewayTarmac driveway Grantham with block paved edge

This  Grantham tarmac driveway  had been installed over 20 years ago.  Whilst structurally sound on the surface it had suffered some deterioration due to the age of the tarmac,  the general vehicle use and in some areas the  freeze/thaw effect .  Being porous to some degree allows the ingress of water and this in turn can freeze. The surface expands and then thaws.    It also makes the area more susceptible to weeds.

It should be remembered that weeds do not need to be seeded from the underneath, they can blow in to cracks and get a grasp on the surface. Also similar to potholes in the road if not addressed  there is the potential  for the surface to continue to deteriorate further.

Our client  was also unhappy with irregular broken edge to the tarmac driveway  so we suggested that the existing tarmac be edged  and bordered out  with  block pavers. Whilst not actually necessary as the Resin Bonded Stone does not need a supporting edge it can add interest and improve the general  look of the entrance and driveway

The block pavers were  set approximately 5mm above the level of existing tarmac driveway.  This allowed for the thickness of Resin Bonded Gravel.

With regard to the old manhole it was decided to replace it with  a tray.  This meant that this could be covered with the Resin Bonded Gravel to match the rest.  The block paver detail around the manhole was created to incorporate interest and to compliment the  edge.

The client decided on a natural 2-5mm golden pea finish.  The final finish of Resin Bonded Gravel works were carried out within a  day.  The block paver work took a little longer but the actual Resin Bonded resurfacing is  a non-disruptive option.

As you can see this has now transformed the driveway.

Our client has extended the life of his driveway and improved the look of the area.  This option also offers anti slip qualities not seen in other driveway options.  Virtually no maintenance  (well a stiff brush and jet wash once a year).

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