Improve your driveway path or patio

March 7th, 2013

Improve your driveway path or patio

Don’t move!  Improve!  Wait until the financial climate improves and the housing boom returns ( if it ever does).

Create kerb appeal by resurfacing the concrete, tarmac, imprinted concrete or slabs

Home and Garden  improvements can benefit your propertyImprove your home

According   over 130,000 families have sold their home at a loss since 2007, representing 41 per cent of transactions in England and Wales, according Government figures.

Why give  money away?   Why give money  to the solicitors, banks or  estate agents?   (who may well run away with your money – Mansfield Chad

Why not stick with what you have -safe in the knowledge  of  your  home and all of its little foibles

Obviously not all aspects of your home will be exactly how you want them. But do you really need to move?  Can you not modify? Develop? Make it an on-going project.

Would it not be more  economical  to make what you have better  and/ or more suitable.

There are so many options out there.  New and innovative for both home and garden

There are so many local businesses who need local support from local people.

The internet gives you a wide choice of ideas  – consider a garage or loft conversation?  A kitchen  refit?  A garden make over?  A conservatory?  A new patio? Resurface your patio?

Drive-Cote Ltd completed Resin Bonded Finish

It is not always going to be an option for everybody but it should certainly be a major consideration for a lot of us.

You may not like the busy road you are on. But it is your busy road.  The grass is always greener on the other side (that is until you get there!)

Balance what you know about your house, your driveway, your garden, your neighbours, your central heating system? Which way the sun hits your property?  How expensive it is to heat?

Considering downsizing?  Can you spend the potential  cost incurred  on moving,  on your home.  Perhaps put those  additional rooms to some benefit  – rent out a room, use it as a home office? Take up painting?

In this current climate perhaps we all need to take stock and change with the times.

Floods are a major issue in areas that have never had an issue before – why? Is it the climate? Is it the hard landscaping  – driveways paths and patios?  Is it just a fact of life that things change?  if you move could you be susceptible to flooding?

Improve don’t move!

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