Mansfield Garden Project by Drive-Cote Ltd

March 7th, 2013

Mansfield Garden Project by Drive-Cote Ltd

Here is an update of the Mansfield Garden project.  Bamboo’s on the move

The actual setting out of  this  Mansfield garden project was already established to a great degree.  However over a period of time the sections and areas had become less defined.  Part of our dictate is to re establish and re define.

Some of the areas on this project are sorted so to speak.  However over time  and as the plants have matured ( this garden has been a work in progress for this client for the past 50 years) so there are a lot of well established and mature trees and planting.  We endeavour to work with what is already there  paths and patios for example.  There is also an extensive area of decking ( we completed this area some years ago for this client)  and a bridge details over a pond. This may have to be addressed as some stage but is not an option at the moment.

Ant slip paths are something we may be looking at later.  Low maintenance and weed free would be an ideal choice for the largest part of the garden.

Low maintenance does not necessarily mean no grass and all dry landscaping the options are massive nowadays with the Internet.

Topiary is something to consider.  All to often we let the weather hold us to ransom instead of working with it and adapting what we have accordingly.

There is also fake grass which we have worked with in the past.   For example this website has a lot of information  artifical grass


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