Mansfield Garden Project Work in Progress

March 12th, 2013

Mansfield Garden Project Work in Progress

Here comes the snow again!  Our Mansfield garden project is an ongoing stop and start project courtesy of our client.

There are already wooden railings in place but they did not need to secure the area fully.  However now dogs and grandchildren are part of the equation in this process, our client wanted to change this.

As the existing railings had been in place for quite a while we had to be resourceful in matching up the existing with the new.Wooden railing for decorative finishingg

This area has a small bridge (with the same railings but you cannot see it from these images) and a fishpond all adorned by the same railings.

After trying out at B&Q and Jewsons the usual suspects, we sourced the same (well very nearly the exact same) pieces and hey presto produced an excellent (well in our opinion) match.

The conservatory is hexagonal in shape and so are the slabs and decking which also compliment this area, so now it is more encompassing.  This leads to a patio area before leading onto the established areas.Conservatory Decking detail

The difficulty is making an area secure and to our clients requirements without it looking like a dog pound.

It needs to be painted now

When the weather is as difficult as it is as present we have to work round our driveway paths and patio works and this is where the garden projects work.

With the temperature down it is not ideal for all day working outside but a lot of the prepwork  and sourcing can be completed.  There are still many sections left to this garden.

Turf is a consideration for a small part of this Mansfield garden project.  As is some possible Resin Bonded  Stone and Resin Bound Paving works but as with most works we complete, it is an organic process and no is never just no.  Low maintenance being important.  As is the need to have reasonably weed free areas where possible.

Some of the area has paving slabs, ( no real concrete areas in this garden) they may stay or we may resurface them as with the weather changes moss  and weeds can be an issue.

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