Resin Drive – Can It work for your Driveway Path or Patio

March 20th, 2013

Resin Drive  Can it work for your Driveway Path or Patio ?

Resin drives are a fairly new option in the residential market place but we have been installing Resin Drives and Resin Paths and Patios for in excess of 12 years.

We aim to work with existing surfaces such  as tarmac, concrete and imprinted concrete.

Why?Nottingham concrete driveway resurfaced in pigmented red resin

Well if it’s not broke don’t fix it!. All too often we as homeowners think the only alternative is to remove what can seem to be a defective driveway path or patio such as tarmac or concrete.  Or if an additional surface is required a uniformity of surface is what is required and we think the only choice is to remove the existing

In both these cases  Resin Bonded  Gravel  can be applied.  Resin Bonded Gravel can extend the life of an existing concrete, tarmac or imprinted concrete  surface providing a durable, anti slip attractive Resin Drive path or patio.

Resin Bonded gravel can also incorporate new and old surfaces to provide a uniformity to your driveway path or patio

Tarmac is having a lot of issues at the moment  due to the amount of water, and the freeze thaw effect which can damage tarmac quite aggressively  potholes are a prime example.

As with a lot of external surfaces if they are not maintained then deterioration can be rapid.  This is where Resin Bonded Aggregate can help.

Due to the impermeable qualities of the product, water cannot get though so  it cannot freeze.  Therefore the freeze thaw effect will not damage the Resin Bonded gravel  surface.  This also means a virtually  weed free surface.dscn2828a

During our 12 years we have seen an upsurge in the interest and demand for Resin Bonded and Resin Bound choices and an upsurge in the companies working within Resin Drive sector.

A Resin Drive

can be

  • Completed in a day
  • No mess
  • No Disruption
  • No skips
  • Drive on the same day

A selection  of some of the regions where we can work include Yorkshire, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire.

Towns local to us  for example  Nottingham, Mansfield,  Arnold, Bakewell, Bilborough, Bramcote, Caunton, Church Warsop, Corby, Diseworth, Forest Town, Hucknall, Langwith Junction, Mansfield, Mosley, North Wingfield, Oxton, Ratcliffe on Trent, Scunthorpe, Sherwood, South Normanton, Stretton, Tollerton,Walton, Willerby, Woodthorpe.


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