Tarmac driveway path or patio old tired damaged by the weather

March 12th, 2013

Tarmac driveway path or patio

Old and tired and damaged by the weather

The Ilkeston Advertiser a Derbyshire paper reported this week that

“More than £800,000 is to be spent on tackling Derbyshire’s pothole problem. The repairs were due to begin on Monday and were announced by the Conservative-led county council. The authority said it had received more than 1,000 calls a week about the state of roads. The situation has been made worse by cold, wet weather in recent weeks. The money includes a £300,000 emergency fund, from council reserves, to be spent in the next three weeks. The authority said the backlog of unrepaired potholes was growing even though in recent weeks it had hired 10 extra road repair teams. The emergency fund will be spent on hiring more contractors to try to clear the backlog.

The council is also purchasing a £50,000 high-pressure road repair machine. Workmen will use that to blast water and debris out of potholes before filling them with asphalt.

The council will receive a further £500,000 from the Government in April to spend on pothole repairs in the next financial year”potholes

This is what can happen to your tarmac  driveway path or patio.  Because tarmac does have a certain amount of porosity this is an ongoing problem and once the deterioration starts  it only gets worse. Unless sorted.   Add to this weed growth and damage from oil spillage or just general wear and tear on a driveway, path or patio and problems can escalate.

NCC  reported on this some time ago as the ever changing weather has an effect.

Resin Bonded Gravel  provides an impermeable surface and one that is anti slip and it can protect your tarmac driveway.  This can also prevent the ingress of water and prevent further deterioration.  Designed to use existing surfaces such as tarmac, concrete,  imprinted concrete and in some cases block paving .  If they are structurally sound why have them removed?

Due to our location in the East Midlands we can  cover a 60 mile radius from our base  – Darley Dale, Huthwaite, Dronfield,Alfreton Long Eaton.  It’s free to talk and quote.

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