Mansfield tarmac pothole problem

April 14th, 2013

Mansfield tarmac pothole problem

As reported in the chad recently

Tarmac is an excellent durable and well respected product.  however  the  Mansfield chad reports (and as Mark Wilson pointed  out in the Chad on the 3 April 2013  he counted 30 areas damaged by snow  in the immediate area) “Local authorities in England and Wales filled in more than two million potholes last year – a 29% increase on 2011, showed the report from the Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA)”.

The ever changing climate and the extremes of weather we are experiencing are taking their toll.  Whilst roadways are subject to heavier traffic than a driveway path or patio, they are still subject to damage from the elements.

The report goes on to say

“The make-do-and-mend approach to potholes means most patches are simply opening up again and again as the weather veers from snow and ice to rain,” he said. “Last year’s pothole review suggested that councils need to put new techniques in place and share resources. But this is clearly not enough without guaranteed long-term funding. Such funding would allow a proper plan to be drawn up that targets those roads in the worst condition.”potholes tarmac damage

This highlights the free thaw effect and the damage it can cause.  This is where Resin Bonded Stone can protect and prolong the life of your existing concrete, tarmac, imprinted concrete surface.  Whether it is concrete, tarmac, or imprinted concrete these solid monolithic surfaces provide good solid stable areas for your vehicle.  They are classed as reasonably maintenance free, but over a period of time degradation is bound to develop.  Remember weeds do not just grow up, if the surface is cracked or broken the seeds can fly in and bed in causing damage.

Resin Bonded Resurfacing is suitable for driveway, paths and patios and in some cases slabs

  • Non porous – preventing the ingress of waterresin bonded resurfacing
  • durable- hard wearing anti slid road use based
  • protective- will prevent deterioration further
  • anti slip – slips trips and falls
  • weed free – if water can’t get down weeds can’t get through
  • Uses existing surfaces – concrete and tarmac solid  and monolithic

Just because you driveway path or patio looks damaged does not been it has to be removed.  We provide free no obligation quotes.  If we cannot help we know a man who can.




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