Resin drives can you lay – on a clay sub base?

April 3rd, 2013

Resin drives can  – you lay on a clay sub base?

To put simplistically the answer should be no however, as with most matters to do with homes and gardens there is never a normal, usual, or straight forward.  Each project is an individual and needs to be  requirement specific.

Clay soils are:

  • Heavy to dig and cultivate
  • Drain slowly after rain
  • Warm up slowly as summer approaches, leading to delayed plant growth and ‘workability’
  • However, against this, they hold water well
  • Are usually rich in plant nutrients

Courtesy of the RHS

So  2 key things to note here when considering installing any hard surface including  a Resin Driveway on a clay base

Clay drains slowly after rain 

Clay  holds water.

This  can result in an unstable sub base.  Building Regulations stipulate for clay based constructions that deeper foundations are required due to the  instability of the clay.

Resin Drives using Bound surfacing needs specialists attention to the  sub base preparation so that the slow drainage and the retention  of water does not affect the stability, integrity an efficacy of the surface laid.

Resin Drives using Bonded  resurfacing needs an existing base such as tarmac or concrete.  The same specialist attention as above,   is required to the installation of the concrete or tarmac prior to the  Resin Bonded application.  clay soil  for  Resin Drives

This information is by no means exhaustive but it is indicative of the need to ensure that the right attention is  given to clay based projects.  We have just been to view a potential project and this client has a very water retentive surface.

There is plenty of information available free of charge to most of us, just a little basic research can save a lot of problems.  An excellent information site for most garden projects are available from  A  long standing informative website.

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