block paving or resin bonded drive which is better.

May 22nd, 2013

block paving or resin bonded drive which is better

Driveways and Block paving  Is there a top and bottom to a block paver? What is a chamfer?

Found this conversation on the internet

“Getting the block paving laid tomorrow – standard concrete block paving blocks. Been offered to have them laid right way up – with a chamfer around the edge of each block.Upside down. No Chamfer. Tight joints. Told it looks better”

“No chamfer = less space for moss maybe?”

Lots of opinions considering –  aesthetics, movements, perforations, aiding drainage, movement, edges and lips?

The question do you think there is a reason for them to be laid the right way up?resulted in

“If you get them laid upside down the arises will break off next harsh winter so that you’ll end up with chamfered corners anyway. As much as you might be surprised these things are usually like it for a reason”

Patterns  –  will it make a lot of difference to how they look when finished.


If they are standard paving blocks, eg Marshalls Keyblock or similar, then it is not possible to lay them with tight joints. They have little ridges on the sides to ensure even sized joints (approx 3mm). Block paving is designed to be “flexible” and the 3mm sand joint is there to allow movement. Does that mean if laid upside down  then  the installer doesn’t know what he is doing.

A lot seem to be being laid upside down it  seems to be the trend at the moment looks ok to me

They are Brett Omega blocks. I’ve checked the data sheet and use they do have little ridges to give a 3mm gap. So upside down they’ll still have the gap. Just not the chamfer. I’ll call Brett tomorrow to see what they say.

Spoke with the manufacturer. Played it safe and went right side up”

So to remind us of the question block paving or resin bonded drive which is better.  Well there is never a right or wrong but it is important to have the correct  surface for the correct purpose!

  • For a start a resin bonded drive should be laid on an an existing concrete (this includes imprinted concrete)  or tarmac surface.  Block paving cannot.
  • A block paving drive can be a permeable surface a resin drive is not.
  • Resin bonded drives are virtually maintenance free
  • Block paving needs regular maintenance
  • Resin bonded resurfacing can offer an anti slip and  weed free option with  a resin bonded path

But you have to ask the question does it have to be what is the planning permission requirements? Is there a law?

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