Bonded Driveway Surface Southwell Road Mansfield

May 8th, 2013

Bonded Driveway Surface Southwell Road Mansfield

Mansfield has been order of the day today for Drive-Cote .  Unfortunately one of our long standing members of  staff (namely our trusty Ford Ranger) was having to visit the “van hospital “.  Well we are happy to report that our trusted garage – Davis and Purdy on Southwell Road West Mansfield  have rescued our van once again.  Just completed a quote very near the garage – Southwell Road West  Mansfield – (next door to the 8 year old  green balcony we completed).

Lads been local  – completing a nice bonded driveway surface  job.  Whilst still in reasonable condition a bit of an overhaul was the order of the day.   This very tidy Mansfield property now has a grand entrance in the form of a bonded driveway surface.  Weeds removed and area tidied up.  Any driveway path or patio should be part of your garden.  Don’t make a stand alone item.  Make it part of the overall design.

The  bonded driveway surface,  will now  protect and ensure that the life  of the driveway is extended further.

Quotes tomorrow on the agenda one on Berry Hill Road in Mansfield so very local for us.  This client has been quoted for a Resin Bound surface but we will be quoting for a Resin Bonded surface as we know this to be the better option for resurfacing.

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It is confusing the difference between a resin bonded surface and a resin bound surface, but there  are very important differences and these  need to be a consideration.  We quoted a local Nottingham garden centre for some works, they were looking at both options but as we say one shoe does not fit all and we design your works according to your property, surface and requirements.

We currently have started a project at Blidworth which is involving some additional hard surfacing area. However once completed we can then resurface and make the whole are  uniformity.

We are available for completely free no obligation quotes , so please feel free to contact us.  Either email or ring.  Concrete, tarmac, imprinted concrete why remove it if it is structurally sound? Call us now for advice on a Resin Bonded driveway, path or patio

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