Matlock tarmac drive resurfaced with resin bonded aggregate

May 31st, 2013

Matlock tarmac drive resurfaced with resin bonded aggregate

Matlock tarmac drive resurfaced in a day!

This exclusive historical property was over 400 years old and was set on a hillside in one of the most exclusive areas of Derbyshire. Our client wanted a finish sympathetic to the original stonework of the property and area.  The tarmac driveway entrance and front path was in need of a sympathetically yet purposeful overhaul.  The Matlock tarmac drive was heavily soiled and was very mossy.  Algae had damaged the tarmac and this  coupled with the area  not getting much sunlight due to be over shadowed by  overhanging trees.

Our first priority was to clean the surface. This unfortunately is a very labour intensive aspect and required the use of stiff brush and a few  hours of wire brushing and elbow grease. This was a necessary to remove the moss (preparation being key) prior to the application of resin bonded stone

The overhanging  trees meant the potential for slippiness and continued weed, moss and algae  growth if not protected,  was quite high.   Resin bound  surfacing would not be suitable for a number of reasons. This would include  the potential for seeds to be implanted  and moss to get a grip as it is a porous material.  Resin bonded aggregate is not.

Moss and algae whilst  potentially damaging  to the surface can also provide a slippy surface, which is where the anti slip surfacing comes into it’s own as resin bonded aggregate has highly  anti slip surfacing properties.

The application of the resin bonded stone to this driveway and path  was completed in a day.  How many other products can say that? No need to remove the existing.  Matlock tarmac drive resurfaced by Drive-Cote Ltd in a day

Our client rang the following day to say how impressed they were not just with the product but with our staff.  Pleasant and efficient.

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