resin bonded aggregate patio and path review

May 25th, 2013

resin bonded aggregate patio and path review

Well done lads!  Gainsborough  Lincolnshire completed and on the same day the customer rang. They provided us with  an excellent resin bonded aggregate patio and path review.  They left the following:

“ Simon and Faith,  your men  have  just finished my Resin Bonded Aggregate  and  it looks fantastic!  They have done a cracking  job !  You have a good pair of  lads thanks  ever so much”  How’s that for a resin bonded aggregate patio and path review!

This client came as a result of seeing one of our driveways completed not far from his.   This  concrete patio area steps and paths needed minimal prep work.  However it has taken us a bit of a time to complete as the specialist filler we use even though it doesn’t need to be dry when used it does need opportunity to dry out.  We use this particular filler as it is non reactive to the Resin.

This area was required for his dogs and he wanted an area that was less porous than concrete . The surface was really quite basically sound just a few crack a bit  boring and unsightly really.   The curved step detail using bull nosed curved bricks is really complimentary to the resin bonded aggregate patio.  Now there is virutally no maintenance required and they have a beautiful anti slip surface.   A quick  brush and a mild disinfectant on a regular basis is all that is required.  This will keep the surface clean and maintain the colour.  The impermeability of the resin bonded aggregate  reinforces the suitability of this resurfacing option  as opposed to  resin bound paving .  It also eliminates weed growth.

The resin bonded aggregate path, patio or driveway allows the area to be an attractive part of the garden.  Derbyshire Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire we are within easy access of all these counties.

Whether it is a concrete or tarmac path, patio or driveway. Whether you are in Chesterfield, Shefffield, Matlock, Alfreton, Ilkeston, Derby, Nottingham, Shirebook or Mansfield we can resurface using our resin bonded stone.  Call us now for a free quote.

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