Resin Bonded Driveway or Resin Bound Driveway

May 15th, 2013

Resin Bonded Driveway or Resin Bound Driveway

Has your installer explained the application purpose between a Resin Bonded Driveway or a Resin Bound Driveway

  • We found these on the internet about a Resin installer who has a preference for Resin Bound Driveways

We had this company resin coat our fairly large driveway and initially were delighted as it looked really good and was commented on favourably by a number of people (neighbours, visitors etc). Had a bit of a job getting any response from the owner over the 5 year guarantee but eventually got an un-dated typewritten note saying the work was guaranteed. We weren’t too concerned about it really as we didn’t expect to have to try and use the guarantee however in the second year some cracks appeared in the surface in one small area, we emailed the company but didn’t get any response. Some months later a couple more cracks appeared and the surface in general was looking a bit ‘tired’ so we contacted them again and asked them if they would fill in the cracks and also wanted them to talk to us about doing a general refurb of the drive (which we were more than happy to pay for so weren’t after something for nothing) again no response. In the end we emailed at least half a dozen times, phoned them up on three or four occasions but the boss was allegedly never there and promises for him or anyone else to ring us back were never fulfilled. Eventually we wrote a letter to the firm and sent it recorded delivery but still no response so eventually reported them to Trading Standards. Great shame because we were initially very pleased but have now been left high and dry so would not recommend this firm to anyone.

Great until they take your money”.

  • andresin bonded driveway or resin bound driveway

“My driveway was laid 3 months ago, I had issues with the preparation team not turning up when promised which wasted a days leave for my husband. They turned up the next day and the work was of an exceptionally poor standard, no care had been taken at all.

In credit to the boss he  came out to view the work and put another team on to rectify the issues – so all good.

The driveway was laid and yes I’m pleased with the way it looks (most of the time)

I have several patches of weeds, all in areas where I suffered from weed growth prior to the new drive being laid – It was raining heavily when the prep work was done which is key to this complaint as any weed treatment would obviously be washed away.

After contacting the firm and waiting for a call back from the owner  a team turned up un-announced to lay weed killer. The team advised that they get called to “many drives with weed issues and keep going back to lay killer”. It took 4 calls for anybody to actually speak to me for me then to be told that these are seedlings on the surface. This company really promote at sales level “weed free” a comment obviously from people with no integrity to the statements they make. When eventually called I was told they are seedlings on the surface – yet these “weeds” have roots so deep we cant even pull the root out of the resin.

When arguing for several minutes the boss advised if I wanted him to come out he would but would be 7-10 days – not a real good customer service, he believes sending teams out un-announced when the customer may not be there is a better service than speaking to the customer about the problem. 7-10 days, weedkiller will kill the weeds until they grow again.

When rephrasing a question to get the actual concern re “lack of customer focus and guarantee” to the boss  to be “What would you do if you came out and agreed they are weeds?” he replies, “put weed killer down” – so that’s obviously as far as going to get now he has my £5k of money.

Took 2 months of chasing to get my care pack to ensure I didn’t invalidate my guarantee. I’m 3 months in and still actually waiting to be sent my guarantee – so where is the customer service?

Like I said earlier, was fine until they had the cash in their hand!

Weeds and seedlings are one important  aspect of the problem – because the surface laid is a Resin Bound Driveway  and not  a Resin Bonded Driveway it has a permeable quality.  This benefit (and it is a benefit in the right place) such as for tree pits,  allows the ingress of water so that the tree  for example can still have access to water.  But this also means weeds can grow through and seedlings can embed.

On an area such as a driveway  permeability  can be an issue because of this ( and also if laid on to a concrete or tarmac base where does the water permeate to? concrete and tarmac are classed as impermeable).  Hence weeds “When eventually called I was told they are seedlings on the surface – yet these “weeds” have roots so deep we cant even pull the root out of the resin”.

Permeability is important in our ever changing weather  and  flood risk issues, but it is all about managing the water flow

No external surface is perfect, all surfaces have some down side – maintenance (block paving)? slippy (imprinted concrete)? concrete and tarmac not very aesthetic but the right product for the right place and surface is key.

Whether it is an anti slip  Resin Bonded Path or Resin Bonded Aggregate for a patio. Whether it is Resin Bonded Driveway or Resin Bound Driveway

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