Resin Bonded Gravel driveway–how suitable is your tarmac or concrete?

May 18th, 2013

Resin Bonded Gravel driveway–how suitable is your tarmac or concrete?

Been to quote for Sherwood Nottinghamshire (nice concrete driveway)  the surface is structurally sound it has  just suffered some surface damage – wear and tear, salt from the roads, and a bit of shelling (freeze/thaw effects of the weather we have been having over the past few years)   All beginning to make a less attractive finish  (if concrete of the standard type can ever be attractive).  The client had completed a few minor repairs on a very effective level, preventing deterioration  further. However if  resin bonded stone is  applied to this,  this would extend the life of the driveway even further,  protecting it and adding a level of durability.  In addition it would offer an   anti slip and weed inhibitive surface.

Just pricing this up,  nice reasonable size area of  56 sqm so will be getting the quote out this week. This does actually include the driveway not only on the front but on the side elevation as well.

One of our Mansfield  enquries  wanting to go ahead, with a few additional bits to sort.  The anti slip surfacing is very key for this client due to mobility.   Not only will this make it anti slip it will also virtually eliminate any weeds and massively reduce the maintenance requirements for this client.

Berry Hill Road Mansfield client visited.  Tarmac surface on this one and wanting to view some local drives.  There is already one on the same road we did some 8 years ago (very steep slope) and one we have completed recently on High Oakham Hill.  This clients drive is also quite steep and would certainly benefit from the anti slip properties of  a resin bonded drive,  particularly in winter time.

This Berry Hill Road client had already received a quote from a Resin Bound driveway company, but as we regularly say there is a difference between Resin Bound Gravel and  and Resin Bonded  Gravel applications.  Whilst water dispersing to the mains water is a consideration a permeable drive is not always the right alternative as it is no good the water being able to sit in between the new resin bound gravel  surface and the existing concrete or tarmac – freeze/ thaw effect and weeds,  can be an issue.

With regard to manholes we tend to leave existing as they are (obviously  they should be replaced if not in a good state of repair)  and just tape around the edges to provide a clean finish to the edge.  The resin bound installer who was quoting  was suggesting a cover plate (we thought tray at first but no a cover plate) they provide a removal lid which sits over the top of the manhole.   Not something we have come across before.

There is always the option to remove the existing and provide a new tray type that can be infilled with the Resin Bonded Gravel  but obviously cost comes into this.  There are also designer manholes now a days.  Worth a thought.

Sheffield, Chesterfield, Derby, Ilkeston, Alfreton, Shirland, Matlock, Sandiacre up to a 60 mile radius is within our area.

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