Resin Bound Driveway Sandiacre Nottingham

May 5th, 2013

Resin Bound Driveway Sandiacre Nottingham

On our travels for a quotation on a Resin Bonded resurfacing for a  Sandiacre concrete  driveway , we came across a Resin Bound Driveway (possibly a  red granite finish but hard to say with the  condition).

This  particularly large Nottinghamshire driveway area had only been down for a couple of years and over this period of time the Resin (which in bound driveways encapsulates the stone, aggregate or gravel ) had worn to cause two dull stripe like finishes where the car tyres had run in certain areas.

We primarily work with Resin Bonded stone and in the case of Resin Bonded resurfacing this would not happen.

Why?  Because the resin is used as the BOND to the surface below with Resin Bonded resurfacing  and does not encapsulate the aggregate. This means the resin is not exposed to the continual wear and use.  The aggregate is. This not only maintains a natural unpolished finish but also ensures   anti slip surfacing and does not require maintenance (apart from a stiff brush and jet wash once a year).  The Resin Bound driveway appeared to need a resin coating (which should be uv stable) .  However if coated then the impermeability benefit is lost.

resin Bound Paving with weed growth

Currently there is a lot of belief that permeability in the actual hard standing surface is a must.   However this is not the case.  What is the case, is that the surface water needs to be managed to ensure compliance with legislation.  Sustainable Urban Drainage (suds) means any new front garden surfaces must ensure the surface water does not run on to the household drainage system or mains water course.

Where the new driveway is small, if the existing garden is not water logged it is acceptable to allow the water to soak into the ground. That is just one option.  With ever innovative designs there are various alternatives.  Don’t be afraid to call us.  We don’t bite and our advices is free.  Ring Simon or Faith 01623 623986

Paving Front Garden information

Weed free , maintenance free,  anti slip,  driveway path or patio for tarmac concrete and imprinted concrete and in some cases slabs. Let Drive-Cote give you a Resin Drive without removal of your existing.  Or is it a Resin Bonded path you are looking for?  Free estimates.  Honest answers. If we don’t think your surface is suitable we won’t do it!

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