Driveway block paving sinking and ponding is this normal?

June 30th, 2013

Driveway  block paving sinking and ponding is this normal?

  • Do you get what you pay for with driveway block paving ?

Always a difficult one this.  If you pay peanuts you get peanuts?  However in the is current climate everyone is fighting for business.  Therefore you may well get an excellent price but you question why is it so good?

  • How much should a new driveway cost?

Another difficult one – what is currently down, what is access like, what is the current sub base?  What surface do you want?

  • Is block paving the right surface for my patio?

One shoe does not fit all.  You would hope that anyone who quotes would assess your required works and advise based on their site visit. Do you want a maintenance free surface?  What is the surface for a vehicle or foot traffic?

  • What options do I have with regard to resurfacing

A large  lead generation company has various comments on here which are quite helpful really as it is not always the installers fault.

over 3.5 years old could be ground movement deeper ,root ,trees sucking moisture ground heave ect ,you had a good deal anyway at 3500 for 64m2 dig out base up and lay should be around 5k ,maybe you went for him because he was cheaper ,maybe he only priced to scrape off instead of dig out ,court wont do anything ,do you think currys would take back a tv after 3 years ,behave yourself”

Another installer goes on to say

the only explanation i could give is there hasn’t been enough soft earth removed and hardcore , type one metal put in, this is a major problem with mono blocking

One of the main reasons we work with resin bonded stone which is perfect for existing surfaces, is that the long standing products tarmac and concrete in particular originally used for driveways paths and patios have stood the test of time.  And if it’s not broke don’t fix it.

See one of our older posts for a little more information on the benefits of a resin driveway.

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