driveway path and patio resin bonded gravel

June 4th, 2013

driveway  path and  patio resin bonded gravel

Quotes coming through from Chesterfield,  Clipstone , Sheffield and Bestwood Park!    All wanting our resin bonded gravel for their driveway path and patio.

Good job our suppliers are of a quality and  efficient beyond compare.  Always willing to help at short notice and really quality products supplied.  We have used our existing resin supplier  for a number of years  and they have never failed  to deliver on time or provide a less then superior product.  Advancements with resin bonded gravel  and resin bound paving  have really developed over the years and certainly with the increasing popularity of the product.  Recently used at the Olympic Park on a massive scale.  Mainly resin bound in these areas as for foot traffic.

Out to quote a job at Mapperley –  this one is a commercial  job. Currently they have a  concrete base but have been required to install ant- slip surfacing so they are looking for the resin bonded stone option.  Garden project really coming in to view now.  Rain last week so our large Matlock job was put on hold but  completed now.  The wet and damp is not a problem for the  preparation work but it is for the actual installation of the resin bonded resurfacing.  This coupled with the  Matlock being very rural a lot of areas can be very slow on drying out so we have to make sure the surface we are working with is perfect and optimum.

driveway path and patio resin bonded gravel is the way to go.

  • No mess
  • No disruption
  • Can be completed in a day
  • This applies to driveway path and patio!

driveway path and patio

More garden work on the go this week, that is the benefit of a good garden project it can sustain you not just financially but emotionally

Out to re look at the Blidworth and and Mansfield driveway  concrete jobs waiting for the final finish of resin bonded stone.  Will take some pictures to update on that.

Went out to view a drive at Calverton. Unfortunately not suitable for our product.

It was 30 year old tarmac which had suffered the weight of a recovery vehicle during the past 20 years.  This utility vehicle  had caused the tarmac to sink  possibly because use  and structure on a residential is not necessarily  the same as a commercial or industrial type.

Drainage issues were also present –  the ruts were holding water.  The customer has enlisted the services of a builder to extend the driveway to the side so that his current vehicle could be maneuvered on his driveway.  The area where he lived was  very dense with traffic hence his wanting to increase the hard standing area on his driveway.

We tend to find that a lot of patio enquiries are relative to slabs and this is a perfect scenario to use resin bonded resurfacing or resin bound.  Foot traffic is always suitable for either product.  It is only the existing surface that dictates. We do regularly get asked if we can work with block paving drives but unfortunately that is not possible.

Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire, Leicesteershire or Lincolnshire call us now and see if we can help.


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