Mansfield resin bonded aggregate

June 9th, 2013

Mansfield resin bonded aggregate

What a busy week .   Quotes and drives  sorted.  Concrete section completed on Mansfield garden project.  Thanks to the weather as it has really been on our side.

Nottingham resin bonded aggregate  job completed !

Mansfield resin bonded aggregate for local family completed.  Perhaps the new “Spinelock Home”  site will be a potential for our resin?

In this day and age it is all about saving the planet and if innovative  and revolutionary ideas such as this are the way forward then Mansfield is certainly going to hit the spot if the report in the Mansfield Chad  is true.   I did notice though a comment on the site

“What a load of old cobblers!  If I was paying £159 000 for a 3 bedroom house,   I’d want bricks and mortar. How would the building societies look upon this type  of ‘construction’, not to mention the insurers? Anyway, what’s this ‘housing shortage’ everyone’s going on about, all the building sites in the area are semi-dormant because there’s no demand”.

However back to our Mansfield clients!

This concrete  and painted patio was in a sorry state.

A friend of theirs had our resin bonded aggregate and recommended Drive-Cote Ltd and our resin                                            Concrete ready for resin bonded aggregate mansfield painted concrete before resin bonded aggregate Mansfield resin bonded aggregate Mansfield resin bonded aggregate path mansfield resin bonded aggregate by Drive-Cote Ltd resin bonded aggregate path in Mansfield

Very little preparation work required for this client.   But they wanted to reap the benefits of our anti slip surfacing.  One of the major benefits of our product is the use of  an existing surface as a base an option not available for imprinted concrete or block paving.  The size of this job was nice and manageable  (in fact half a day was all that was need to lay the resin).  Our client was able to go out in the morning leaving a painted concrete surface, only to return home after dinner, to an  attractive, durable, protective surface.  Concrete  is such a durable product and whilst not always an attractive surface, it is a very durable and solid product.  Imprinted concrete and block paving both need maintenance, but not our resin bonded aggregate!  Driveways paths and patios need to be part of our outside space and your garden,   and using an attractive resurfacing option you can enhance  your outside area!

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