Resin Bonded Driveway Resurfacing Mansfield and Blidworth

June 11th, 2013

Resin Bonded Driveway Resurfacing  Mansfield and Blidworth

Couple of quotes to visit this week.  All quite local at present.  Kirkby in Ashfield  being one of them.  We can always give them an address to view as we completed a resin patio area  some months ago quite local to them.  When it comes to paths and patios they can now be an attractive part of the garden and outside space with resin bonded resurfacing.

Resin Bonded Driveway Resurfacing Mansfield and BlidworthJobs on the go this week resin bonded driveway resurfacing Mansfield and Blidworth.

The Blidworth job is on the agenda for this week.  This is one where we completed some concrete remedial works, which have now had the opportunity to cure ( a necessary part so that the resin bonded paving and the alkali’s from the concrete do not react).  This customer also came to us as a result of seeing a previous job in Blidworth

Southwell Road Mansfield  quote for resin bonded gravel  we completed a few weeks ago we didn’t get.  The client has decided to go with block paving, but as they say you can’t win them all.   However he sent a very kind email.

Hi Simon, Further to your quote submitted on the 30th April, I write to confirm that we have finally decided to proceed with a block paving option. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the manner in which you handled and dealt with my inquiry. Regards Don

Shame about that one but a very nice refusal!  Called out to re quote at South Nomanton. This one is to resurface a concrete and tarmac section.  A mix of two surfaces has driven this client to distraction.  So our product – resin bonded resurfacing –  will be a good option to provide  uniformity.  A recent garden renovation has taken place so if they chose to take up our service then everything will be bought together.  They had a quote from us some 18 months ago, but have wanted to complete the garden project first.  Fingers crossed.

One of the benefits of resin is the attractive but durable aspect.  The existing surfaces used mean that the basic structure and support provide by good quality and solid substrates  – concrete, tarmac and imprinted concrete  – actually remain in place but provide the base for our resin.

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