resin bonded gravel installation

June 26th, 2013

Bad weather and our resin bonded gravel installation

Bad weather towards the end of last week, has caused a few delays for our resin bonded gravel installation.   However, such is the way.

On the agenda for this week  is to complete another Mansfield resin bonded gravel installation. Apologies to our customers, unfortunately the nature of the beast!  There is always a  knock on effect.  Customers we didn’t manage to finish last week have overrun to this week, but rest assured the weather is now in our favour (if we can believe the weather forecast).

resin bonded gravel installation

Quite a  few quotes coming in from Mansfield, Beeston, Chesterfield,  Lincoln and Matlock. So busy week ahead.  One of the Nottingham enquiries is a customer who has been out to view a few local jobs (driveways, paths and patios)  so has seen our resin bonded gravel installation work.

Bit of a mix  with the types of surface for the enquiries. Various seems to be the order of the week.  (Ideally concrete, tarmac and imprinted concrete are the optimum surfaces).  One of the enquiries we have not been able to help, is a Nottingham enquiry which is for paths, but unfortunately there is nothing down.  Resin bound permeable would be a possible but he was not interested in it.

There was crazy paving, but the client had already removed  the surface (one he laid over 20 years ago himself) .  The gentleman was not interested in the resin bound permeable as his sister in Newcastle had had a driveway with this and was having some difficulty with weeds. Also there was some difficulty with the slipperiness. (Something  that is not a problem with a resin bonded gravel installation.

One of our recent jobs had very kindly put an excellent recommendation on   for our resin bonded gravel installation so the hard work involved in trying to battle the weather is worth it.

Resin is a very durable product, but only in the right place, for the right purpose, for the right surface.

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