resin bonded paving for this Nottinghamshire tarmac driveway

June 16th, 2013

resin bonded paving for this Nottinghamshire tarmac driveway

This tarmac driveway with a tight turn round area was a good solid foundation for our impermeable resin bonded paving.  Our client wanted to develop and extend  the surface area.  Not by a large amount but enough to enable easy movement of their vehicle on the driveway property.

In addition part of the difficulty was that whilst the vehicle could be manouvered, access to and from the vehicle  was a little awkward.resin bonded paving for this Nottinghamshire tarmac driveway by Drive-Cote Ltd resin bonded paving for this Nottinghamshire tarmac driveway

The area was extended  by way of an additional curved detail of concrete on two sections.  This increased the width of the drive.  However,  left as it was, was not a visual improvement. Hence the requirement for our resin bonded paving

With any new surface either concrete or tarmac, a curing period is required to enable the alkais to wash out of the concrete or with new tarmac for the oils and porosity which need weathering to a small degree.

This Blidworth project, was also sealed to ensure no reaction with our specialist flexible resin compliant filler prior to the application of our resin bonded paving.

This now completed project provides our client with a regenerated surface of  resin bonded paving.   Many thanks to their neighbour for the referral

A slate drainage detail to the  side elevation was also installed to allow free draining.  Suds compliance very often confuses and complicates what potential customers believe to be a necessary requirement.  resin bonded paving by Drive-Cote Ltd Contrary to popular belief  planning  permission requirements are not a necessity.

SUDS also known as Sustainable Urban Drainage System is a  technique that manages surface water and groundwater sustainably.

One of the  keys aspect to this job is that the bulk of the surface was already in place.  If a block paved surface was required then the removal of the existing surface and the ensuing time and inconvenience  in laying a block paved drive would have been an issue.  Our resurfacing option was completed in a day.

Addtional areas completed with  a uniformity provided by Drive-Cote Ltd’s  resin bonded paving.   A weed free and virtually maintenance  free surface.

The completed job now not only improves and extends access, it offers a durable, attractive and very serviceable surface option.

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