The benefit of a resin driveway path or patio

June 12th, 2013

The benefit of a resin driveway path or patio

  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Eliminates weed growth
  • Anti slip
  • Can be completed in a day
  • Uses existing surfaces such as concrete, imprinted concrete and  tarmac.    The benefit of a resin driveway path or patio

The benefit of a resin driveway path or patio  cannot be said of block paving and imprinted concrete!

A recent report in the Mansfield Chad reported a problem with the installation of a block paved drive

Was this a concrete or tarmac drive we could have resurfaced?  We won’t know,  but what we do know is that our resin bonded resurfacing would not create a situation like this, as it doesn’t require the removal of the existing surface.

Part of the report was that this particular installer was deemed to be a rogue as the report states  “the driveways were often of a poor design with inadequate drainage and  foundations and used weak cement to hold the block paving together”  and one of the key important aspects of a driveway is to be able to take the weight of a vehicle.  Obviously if your requirement is for a path or a patio  it may not be as relevant but ensuring the right product for the right purpose is.

Preparation of the surface is key.

Laying block paving is an art and a skill.  Sub grade, kerbs, edge courses, bedding layer, paving layer and compaction are all points to be considered.

The report continued to say “He has so far spent £500 to improve drainage on the patio but both the driveway and patio will need to be ripped up and redone.

He said: “I feel I’ve been completely taken for a ride. I’m no fool as I was once a salesman and a magistrate but I was completely taken in by his pressurised sales techniques. He came across as a professional as he had all the right equipment and an official looking van. He added that he will now investigate traders and ask to see their work”

Work was also carried out  for their neighbour who paid £3,500 for a new tarmac drive which has had to be redone”.

If drainage is an issue we can address this. It does not always require removal of an existing surface to resolve this.  Concerns over the requirements of  planning permission we can help!  And don’t forget for patio areas  in some cases we can resurface slabs.

We have been completing resin drives for over 12 years, and can provide you with examples of our work in the East Midlands – Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire areas.  Selston, Hucknall, Newark, Mansfield, Nottingham, Derby, Ilkeston,. South Normanton, Tupton, Clipstone, Mansfield Woodhouse, Chesterfield, Kirkby in Ashfield.  Call us now to find a local job near you.  Call us now to see the benefit of a resin driveway path or patio near you.

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