garden with resin bonded gravel

July 13th, 2013

garden with resin bonded gravel

Previous Nottinghamshire enquiry from April time has come back to us.  The gentleman has had various quotes and was raising a few questions. One of them being with regard to the size of the stone for example.  One of the other companies quoting had talked of using      1-3mm stone whereas we use 2-5mm.

This Nottinghamshire quote was for a driveway and he wants to incorporate it in his garden with resin bonded gravel as opposed to a path so was looking at the smaller size stone.  As a result of our extensive installation history (over 12 years) we know the larger stone has a more durable and long lasting benefit.  This Nottinghamshire customer would not benefit by a smaller size stone being used.  The two other companies who had quoted him  also offered a uv sealant coating  on the top of the finished surface.

He did say that the cost was very similar so that is always a good sign to show how competitive we are on price.

The idea with our resin bonded resurfacing and no maintenance benefit is the fact that a sealant is not applied (or indeed required).  Therefore it  will not wear with tyre use or with the weather and seasons.  This also results  in requiring virtually no maintenance.

The smaller size stone will also not offer the abrasive and anti slip benefit that the 2-5mm will.  This is why we use the size of aggregate we do and for his garden with resin bonded gravel, this size aggregate would be perfect.

imprinted concrete seal

That is not to say what these other competitors are quoting for  is not correct.  We had an enquiry also from a customer who had an imprinted concrete drive with a block paved edge.  He was too far for us to be able to quote, but he had completed quite a bit of background work.  He had been quoted for a resin bound but was a bit concerned that

  • they wanted to “damage” his existing surface
  • the new surface would increase the levels in existence
  • the resin bound is porous and the existing is not.

We have resurfaced imprinted concrete driveways in the past which has provided our clients  with a maintenance free and anti slip solution.

So when investigating the options take your time and ask lots of questions.

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