Mansfield resin bonded driveway project

July 24th, 2013

Mansfield resin bonded driveway project

Completed a Mansfield resin bonded driveway project over the weekend.

This small concrete driveway and path were  in reasonable condition which made it a  nice straightforward uncomplicated job.   This Mansfield resin bonded driveway looks a treat now!

This particular client had seen some  work locally and tracked us down to complete for them.  How’s that for a  recommendation!

Mansfield resin bonded driveway

The weather this last few weeks has been a massive improvement and enables us to complete efficiently.  However,  unfortunately less conducive to working in, so our lads were out early in the morning to complete.

Resin whilst in need of good dry weather and reasonable temperatures can have problems with the heat.  The resin can become particularly “liquid”  compared to in winter time.

However with our 12 years of experience and relevant product knowledge, we are in a position to work with this with confidence.

So if you want to see how we can help you call us any time.  Free no obligation quotes.

Glorious sunshine or not we need to make sure we consider our  gardens and the plant life as well .

Most of our talk on our website is relative to permeability and porosity for a driveway, path or patio.  Like this Mansfield resin bonded driveway  these are now valuable parts of our garden display and care should be taken not to forget how this can affect our gardens.

Gardeners need to understand how much water plants actually need, and when and how to water for the best results and there are many clever gadgets out there.

Water should be directed underneath the foliage. There should be enough to wet the top 30cm (12in) of soil, where most plants’ roots are – or should be. Too little water just wets the soil surface and either does not reach the roots or encourages them upwards where they tend to dry out. An excess will drain out of reach of the roots and be wasted.

Have you considered harvesting the rain?

Traditionally, for many gardeners, the collection of rain has been limited to a water butt or two. Even with regular rain topping them up, it is clear that as many as half a dozen water butts are unlikely to meet all of a gardener’s watering needs during dry spells and hot summers.

Read more for suggested solutions and advice on harvesting the rain

Remember if you have concrete, tarmac or imprinted concrete and want a driveway like this Mansfield resin bonded driveway project, call Drive-Cote Ltd  Simon or Faith 01623 623986


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