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July 5th, 2013

gravel strips filled with concrete Drive-Cote prepping Nottingham stone saw removing remnants footings being removedour resin bonded stone

Out today to sort a Nottingham client and resurface their driveway with our resin bonded stone.  This client had previously got gravel strips where the newly laid concrete now lies. In addition there was an old wall which had been removed leaving the remnants of the footings across the entrance to the property.

The gravel strips were excavated and removed and the  strips filled with compacted hardcore.  Trowelled concrete  was then installed bringing  this mix of surfaces  into a uniformity ready to be prepped with our resin bonded stone.  There has been a curing time between the concrete installation and the application of the resin to allow the alkali’s to wash out.

As you can see the removal of the remnant of the footings required a stone saw to cut and grind down  as necessary.  This area is then trowelled smooth with filler, ready for today and the installation of  our resin bonded stone

Nottingham driveway with resin bonded stone our resin bonded stone by Drive-Cote Ltd Drive-Cote  - our resin bonded stone completed Nottinghamshire driveway with our resin bonded stone

This additional access with the removal of a wall, allowed our client to have a larger hard standing area.  However as it looks and indeed looked, it was not very attractive.

We all want larger car standing areas as more and more families become two car owners.  This is one of the reasons we work with a resurfacing product  one that does not  require removal of  the original when it is not necessary.

This customer had an area of block paving, which once cleaned will compliment the Nottinghamshire  resin drive

I do believe that this particular client had been considering imprinted concrete, but had decided against it in favour of our resin bonded stone.  The main reason being that he did not have the mess and disruption associated with a new drive.  So if your path or patio is in need of our resin bonded stone then call us for a free no obligation quote.

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