resin bonded aggregate by Drive-Cote Ltd

July 28th, 2013

resin bonded aggregate by Drive-Cote Ltd

Been called to assist a previous local Mansfield customer with regard to the sale of their property and works completed with resin bonded aggregate by Drive-Cote Ltd

Over 10 years ago this Mansfield driveway  had  a resin bonded aggregate by Drive-Cote Ltd installed. This client wanted us to just address a few areas which the client thought needed addressing before the sale.

What an opportunity to return to a 10 year old  Mansfield job  one of our local resin bonded aggregate by Drive-Cote Ltd and see how it has stood the test of time and more importantly the elements, weather and seasons.Resin Bonded Aggregate by Drive-Cote Ltd

This natural driveway with a detailed bauxite border, firstly needed a through power wash.  One of the benefits of a resin bonded aggregate by Drive-Cote Ltd  is the ability to clean resin very easily.

Once jet washed and brushed down a few areas the size of a 50p piece  needed touching up.  Probably caused by snow shovel damage, however after 10 years I think it fair to say that the resin bonded aggregate by Drive-Cote Ltd would have a few scars.

The price of a resin drive can be less than some people pay per sqm for carpet.  This  return visit just reinforces the massive advantages of using a resurfacing option for concrete, imprinted concrete and tarmac  –  it not only protects the existing surface but also provides anti slip and attractive properties.

  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Eliminates weed growth
  • Anti slip
  • Can be completed in a day
  • Uses existing surfaces such as concrete, imprinted concrete and  tarmac

Remember no sealing  required!  If water cannot get through then weeds cannot grow through.  So whether a drives, path or patio, we can resurface.

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