resin bonded aggregate patio enquiry

July 23rd, 2013

resin bonded aggregate patio enquiryKirkby in Ashfield resin bonded aggregate patio enquiry has come through this week.  The wonders of the internet bring local enquiries within the East Midlands area  as well as further afield like Sheffield, Derby and Nottingham and Lincoln.

This couple had downsized  locally from a  house to bungalow.  They had the patio laid by an imprinted concrete company to minimise maintenance and  weeds as prior to this was a block paved patio. Regularly in need of attention!   Sealing and weeding being important to ensure longevity and durability of the surface.

The company who laid the imprinted concrete laid it in winter,  and when the colouring  powder was applied, it proceeded to rain heavily.  This resulted  in an incorrect and unsightly finish

Whilst the structure of the imprinted concrete was sound the  top finish was badly marked and  an inconsistent colouration had developed.

This client was told that the problem would be attended to, however, after numerous phone calls  the contractor failed to return to address the problem.

Since then this client had been trying to source an option for remedying the visually unacceptable surface.

This is where the a  resin bonded aggregate patio would be ideal. We always say if the structure and base is sound and solid why have it removed.

The resin bonded aggregate patio potential area is not a large area to cover (approximately 20 sqm). One of the  benefits of  a resin bonded  aggregate patio would be that it can be  completed in a day.  Not something that would be an option with removal and excavations being required  if a paving slab patio was installed for example.

We have quoted for this client to complete a resin bonded aggregate patio and  provided them with a few local addresses to view in Mansfield, Sutton in Ashfield, Hucknall and Kirkby in Ashfield.

Concrete tarmac and imprinted concrete can all be resurfaced with our resin bonded gravel.  Improve your garden with a resurfaced path, driveway  or patio.


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