resin bonded gravel is not always the right product

July 16th, 2013

resin bonded gravel is not always the right product

Went out to see a Matlock quote this week, in addition to Nottingham and Holmsfield.

It would have been nice to come back and say that we could work with the surface they had,  but unfortunately our resin bonded gravel is not always the right product for all surfaces and all circumstances.

It was  very undulating no defined edge to the edge of the drive from the road. The client was looking at filling in the deep ruts that were very evident.   We made a suggestion  to create an edge to the driveway and patio  with sets. 

On visiting the customer at their home we did highlight that the option to use our resin bonded gravel was not necessarily the “best” route due to these significant remedials required.  We try to be honest where possible and today we received a reply as follows.   The client was quite handy so as a consideration towards cost, the client was considering completing the remedial works himself.

“Hi Simon

Thank you for your visit, advice and quotation.

We have decided not to go with it. However our decision is thanks to your honest opinion as to what could and could not be done with the product. Ultimately if edgings and levels need sorting, it seems better to accept the expense of a proper re-build rather than use your product in circumstances that are far from ideal for it.

Once again, many thanks for your interest and help”

Rod and Carole Leach

To reiterate what we frequently say, resin bonded resurfacing is designed to work off an exsting surface concrete or tarmac imprinted concrete and sometime slabs. This is so it provides a durable, anti slip and weed free option.  However one shoe does not fit all and a resurfacing installation is only as good as the base it works with.  Useful resources available on the internet

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