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July 7th, 2013

resin bonded installation quotes

Went out to see a Hucknall  quote  to view a concrete driveway  for our resin bonded installation .  Bays of concrete where some of the areas had shelled due to the age and winter seasons taking their toll.  This concrete driveway was a very large area.  It was about 300sqm of surface, so irrelevant of whether it is resin bonded installation or  tarmac, concrete or imprinted concrete, cost would be quite a major consideration.  They had concerns over the area looking too much like a carpark, so were looking at the options available.  They had found our website and were keen for input and guidance.

A Mansfield job we quoted on has decided to go with imprinted concrete.  It would be nice to say our product is suitable for all surfaces, but that is not the case, and by the same token not all of our enquiries like the texture of the resin bonded installation.  However one of the most invaluable aspects particularly in winter of  a resin bonded installation, is the anti slip properties which far exceed any other usual driveway product.  This in addition to the virtual no maintenance aspect make it an ideal solution for steep driveways, paths or patios.

The Mansfield job we quoted on were quite specific in their need for an anti slip quality  for their existing concrete due to the 1:6 slope to their property.  This very steep aspect has created a few issues for them in the past. However, they did not chose to take up our quote, and I would be interested to see how they fair with an imprinted concrete surface over the winter time.  One I will be watching carefully.

We as a local business try hard to make sure that our service is true, fair and honest, and we are always keen to find out why we have not been successful, however very often choice is a matter of taste and the serviceability does not always come top of the list of requirements.

Out to quote in Bolsover near Chesterfield later this week.  Been having a chat with a potential client  in Derby and he has quite a substantial area.   However on looking at the images it appears to be a type of self compacting gravel called hoggin.

This is usually a mixture of clay, sand and gravel which is laid over a compacted large stone hardcore base.  We would not be able to work with this for a driveway, but we have suggested that if the top layer is removed then tarmac could be laid onto the hardcore base and then we could work with a resin bonded installation.  This  particular client has emailed us and said

Thanks for this information. I’m currently waiting from information from Derby City Council & a couple of local bitmacers.

With any luck, I should be in a position to get back to you someday soon.”

So remember not all surfaces are suitable for resin but if you are interested and would like to find our about   a resin drive call or email us.   Whether you are in Mansfield  Kegworth, Morton, Stonebroom, Alfreton. Tibshelf, North Wingfield, Chesterfield, Calow, Crich, Matlock or Cromford free no obligation  quotes.


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