resin bound gravel installation as seen on tv

July 21st, 2013

Busy week ahead in this beautiful weather.  Have taken an ariel view of the garden project on the go and out to quote for possibly a resin bound gravel installation

Been watching the tv with Alan Tichmarsh.  The resin bound gravel installation on a garden path looked really impressive when finished.  We did notice that it was a  resin bound gravel installation  and only laid on concrete quite minimally.  We personally,  as a business would use a compacted hardcore/drainage type base as a resin bound gravel installation is porous.  However as it was only applied on quite a minimal depth, the porosity  would probably not be an issue.

What a mix of colours though,  that  is quite impressive.  Out to Worksop to look at a patio. This particular enquiry has already had a resin bound patio, which he is very happy about but he has another concrete area to resurface.

Simon will be out to quote later in the week. Resin  bonded  gravel installation and a  resin bound gravel installation either is both possible, it will all depend on the surface currently down and whether it is a path, driveway or patio.

If there something down,  then depending on the porosity of the existing as to whether it will be a  resin bound gravel installation or a resin bonded gravel installation.

Also went out to see a patio enquiry which currently   has carpet stone down.

It would be a shame to be honest to actually cover it up.  It still looked in a real good condition and really all that would be required would be a mix of sand and cement brushed into the area and then a spray of water to set it.

Leave to dry and hey presto done.  Howwever this Mansfield client was keen to remove this.  As we say one of the benefits of our resin bonded applications is the non permeable, eliminating the weeds.  However it is designed to resurface existing which needs attention.  When you see a good servicecable and correctly installed  and attractive surface why cover it up?

Yes this will still need some some maintenance but compared to some surfaces and in particular block paving, this was very minimal.

With the seasonal glut of garden programs the regular use of resin is becoming more widespread.  Lincolnshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire and whether it is a path patio or driveway, the options are variable.  Call Drive-Cote Ltd now for more information for a weed free, anti slip low maintenance but attractive and durable option for your garden.  If you have tarmac, concrete or imprinted concrete and in some cases paving slabs, we can resurface.  Visit our showcase for a gallery of works completed


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