Arnold tarmac surface needing anti slip surfacing

August 26th, 2013

Arnold tarmac surface needing anti slip surfacing

Moss and algae has been attacking this tarmac surface over the years.  This lady had done some research on the internet to try and establish what choices there were.

Over the past few years the client had tried removing the moss and algae and whilst success was achieved to some degree.  It was not a long term solution for this Arnold tarmac surface needing anti slip surfacing.  Resin bonded stone is an option that this client was considering would certainly virtually eliminate this moss and algae problem.Arnold tarmac surface needing anti slip surfacing

Moss and algae seem particularly prevalent nowadays.  The extreme changes in the weather (in all seasons of the year) can make it a breeding ground for moss and algae.  We do get a lot of calls with regard to problems like this Arnold tarmac surface needing anti slip surfacing.  What customers do not realise is,  is that weeds, seeds moss and algae do not necessarily grow up through the surface.

What benefit will this Arnold tarmac surface needing anti slip surfacing gain from resin bonded stone?

As with block paving and slabs, airborne seeds embed and the porosity of the surface that they land on, enables the roots to get a grip and this is how the weeds can “appear” to be growing through a surface.  Resin bonded stone prevents this as it seals the surface.  It therefore prevents the ingress of water and does not allow weeds to grow through the surface.

Imprinted concrete is a good example of an impermeable surface, but unlike resin bonded stone  it needs to have the existing removed and it needs sealing and maintenance regularly.

Remember we can use tarmac, concrete and  imprinted concrete. No mess, No disruption and completed in a day.  Excellent speedy service for a driveway path or patio. 

So this Arnold tarmac surface needing anti slip surfacing would be an excellent base for our resin bonded stone providing an attractive, durable and impermeable surface –  virtually maintenance free.

We are out to see this client in a few weeks time meantime this client must continue to fight the ever constant battle with weeds.

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