Resin Bonded aggregate works for this local university

August 6th, 2013

Resin Bonded aggregate works for this local university

Called out to quote for a local Nottingham  builder who has a contract possibility for resin bonded aggregate works for this local university.  Thursday 25 July 2013  was the date we set – so met up for the site meeting and he took us a tour round.  It is a very large site full of areas requiring varying degrees of work – from concrete to tarmac and slabbing.  From complete rip outs to minor repairs and remedials.

This resin bonded aggregate works for this local university was for the application of resin bonded stone to a road way entrance.  This entrance was for access to a restricted area on the university campus.   Whilst not requiring a heavy duty application  for this resin bonded aggregate works,  an ability to withstand regular traffic is certainly a requirement.

Not a large job for the resin bonded aggregate works for this local university, but a need on their part due to the restricted access and the resin will highlight this to the road user.

Whilst there we did notice areas of resin bonded aggregate which had been laid previously and we gather this was via  a commercial national installer but we are not aware of who.

resin bonded aggregate works resin bonded aggregate works for a local university commercial works for resin bonded aggregate Resin Bonded aggregate works for this local university

On close inspection we are of the opinion that it had been poorly laid.  There were lots of runs .  This can happen when the resin is applied at a high temperature and management of the application for the resin bonded aggregate works is not dealt as well as it should be.

In addition there were ridges and signs of the resin bubbling through and the aggregate used is not a size we would advocate.  We believe it was 1-3 Autumn Gold which is far too fine in our opinion.  It had the appearance of sand.  Due to the regular car and lorry traffic it was slowly being reduced to dust.  Also the finer the stone the less impact with regard to the anti slip properties, but then that is not always a  priority for the client or circumstance.

However, we were not there to quote for this, but it is quite interesting to see the difference between installers both commercial and residential with regard to resin bonded gravel installations.

Will be writing this up for the builder later and hopefully, he may be in with a shout.

This Nottingham builder has completed quite a number of commercial contracts including local authority works over a number of years and this is how he had found Drive-Cote  – as we are listed as  registered installers of resin bonded aggregate works.

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